Zebra BI sample reports – download your favorite PBIX!

We‘ve selected our top sample Power BI reports for you. Make sure you download the PBIX to check how it’s done, copy the DAX code or steal any other ideas you may find useful!

Zebra BI Retail analysis demo

See some of the most interesting features of Zebra BI in action in our interactive Retail Analysis Demo.

Click the ⤢ icon at the bottom-right of the report page to enjoy the full-screen view:

Sales dashboard with DAX tricks

Our popular Sales dashboard includes DAX code and a ton of Power BI dashboarding tips&tricks.

Buttons, report page tooltips, drill-through buttons, drill-downs, top N charts, advanced small multiples... it's all there!

Oh, do click on the Help (?) icon to see how you can provide fancy help to your end-users.

User-friendly income statements

In this example, income statements (Profit&Loss reports) are presented as interactive and highly visual Power BI reports:

Price-Volume-Mix Variance Analysis

This example explains the reasons behind the revenue growth and presents top contributors for each category such as price, volume & mix variance, new launches, and discontinued products.

If you ever thought doing Price-Volume-Mix in Power BI is tricky, then this is the solution for you. 😊

Consolidated financials

Consolidated financials for management. Lots of waterfall charts in this one as financial folks love them!

What’s new? Latest features!

Make sure you download the demo PBIX file, it contains all the latest features illustrated with many practical examples: