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At Zebra BI, we believe every report should answer key business questions: How well are we doing? Where should we focus our attention? Which action should we take?

From our experience as employees, managers and dataviz consultants, we found that the way business reports and dashboards are currently done is broken. It’s time-consuming, unclear and creates a serious mess for business people.

Founding Zebra BI in 2014, we at Zebra BI believe business dashboards and reports should be actionable for people using them in their everyday work. Our single mission is to create advanced and extremely user-friendly reporting tools so you can present your data in a better way.

For smarter decisions.

Leadership Team

Advisory Board Chair

Rolf Hichert IBCS Zebra BI Advisory Board
Dr. Rolf Hichert, Prof. A.D.

Creative mind and frequent key-note speaker at international conferences. His idea of semantic notation paves the way for the visual language of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®).

More than 2,000 businesses use Zebra BI 
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Words we live by

"The principles of information design are universal (like mathematics) and are not tied to unique features of a particular language or culture."
Edward Tufte
"Graphics is a tool that obeys universal laws that are unavoidable and undisputable."
Jacques Bertin
"If we are able to clearly visualize a symphony with the help of sheet music, then this should also be possible for monthly sales."
Rolf Hichert

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At Zebra BI we continuously push boundaries. We’re a team of visionaries, go-getters, data lovers, hands-on people, who share a joint mission to change the world of business reporting.

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