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Meet us at the 4th International Controlling Conference in Croatia

The 4th International Controlling Conference in Croatia will be held on 8th of November 2016 at Westin Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. The main topic of this year's conference, which is entitled “The Future of Controlling Has Already Begun”, is inspired by economic development influenced by global changes, and controlling has a major role to play […]

[Webinar] Creating updatable PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint slides are the standard for delivering a business presentation. Unfortunately the data you want to present is usually not in PowerPoint, but in Excel. Learn how to export your tables, charts or even whole reports from Excel to PowerPoint and make them update automatically.

Zebra BI Exhibits at IBCS Annual Conference 2016, June 3, Warsaw

IBCS Annual Conference 2016, the place where IBCS professionals share their experience, will be held on June 3rd at Mamaison Hotel Le Regina in Warsaw. The conference will enable employees from finance and IT departments that are in the process of implementing the IBCS Standards to meet their peers, thought leaders, consultants, and software developers. […]

Top 3 Ways to Report your Variance Analysis in Excel

Most companies create plans and budgets to establish benchmarks for future performance in sales, production, operations, labor, etc. The starting point of these plans and budget are usually estimated cost and revenue figures. The goal is to meet these budgets, but as with all goals - they are not always met. Managers use variance analysis […]

The fastest way to insert lollipop charts in Excel

Lollipop charts are a great data visualization technique. Data visualization professionals and business analysts like them for a good reason. They can be used in similar situations as bar charts and column charts, but they have the advantage of producing a cleaner-looking picture. The sticks of the lollipops are thinner than the bars/columns, which allows […]