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GetResponsive - Actionable Reporting with Zebra BI

By Sandra Simonovic • Last updated

An effective KPI dashboard should allow users to comprehend the context of key metrics and allow them to execute on that information. That's called Actionable Reporting. Well-structured, comprehensible, and actionable reports and dashboards.

It all starts on your landing page with an informative scoreboard that shows where your business is going. Users should immediately understand which KPIs are performing well, and which are not.

You should just glance at the landing page and see the comparison to plan, forecast, or previous year, see what is driving your KPIs up or down, and make predictions.

About the session

During this session, our BI Specialist Mark Leskovšek will explain:

  1. How to create clear and consistent dashboard pages
  2. How to collect and present key business drivers / KPIs on the landing page
  3. Elements of Actionable Reporting (advanced charts - variance analysis, small multiples, top N + others, grouped tables with variances. report page tooltips, dynamic commentary, and more)
  4. Hands-on practical examples in Power BI
  5. Latest technology from Zebra BI

Join us to learn how to nail your dashboard landing pages in Power BI and make your KPI scorecards super actionable!

When and where

Date: Thursday, April 7
Time: 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET
Language: English
Location: Online
Organizer: GetResponsive

Register for the event on LinkedIn.

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