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Top resources

August 24, 2023
The Ultimate 2023 Bar Chart Guide
Uncover the process of crafting effective bar charts. Dive deep into Excel and Zebra BI's rich capabilities for a superior data presentation.
August 15, 2023
Social Media Power BI Template
Zebra BI's Social Media Power BI Template provides a clear view of your online activity. Easily navigate key metrics and boost your social media impact.
September 14, 2023
From Data to Decisions: Real-Life Fortune 500 Financial Analysis with Power BI
This webinar is all about financial analysis in Power BI. Take a look at the performance of some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies and use these practical examples to apply them to your data. Don't just create reports, generate insights.
August 7, 2023
Interactive Excel Dashboards: Master Cross-Visual Filtering In 3 Easy Steps like in Power BI
Explore Cross-Visual Filtering in dashboards. Enhance interactive data analysis in Excel & Power BI for sharper insights and informed business choices.
June 29, 2023
How to create a Horizontal Waterfall Chart in Power BI: Ultimate 2023 Guide
Discover how to create a Horizontal Waterfall Chart in Power BI for impactful, dynamic data visualization. Transform your reports with ease.
June 29, 2023
9 Common Mistakes of an FP&A Analyst – And How to Avoid Them
Unearth 9 common mistakes made by FP&A analysts in our comprehensive guide. Learn from past missteps and turn them into stepping stones for success in your FP&A journey.
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