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Summer News: new content, updates, and evergreen webinars

By Sabina Kljajic • Last updated

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It’s the summer issue of Zebra BI’s newsletter and we’ve got plenty of fresh updates and news for you to explore.

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Zebra BI for Power BI update 5.0 (in case you haven’t heard!)

Recently, you had the opportunity to get your hands on a major new update of Zebra BI for Power BI that even includes new charts!

Meet integrated dynamic comments to make it even easier for your users to understand reports, Advanced Stacked Charts with innovative functionalities you never thought would be possible in Power BI, and exciting new design options.

Watch a video with practical examples that Zebra BI's CEO & Founder Andrej Lapajne prepared to present the biggest new features. Click on the button below to learn all about the update and get the PBIX file, too. Now's your chance to make your reports even more actionable.

Work smarter, not harder: Free Templates

Make your life easier with these free templates for Excel and Power BI. Choose between a beautiful cash flow forecast in Excel or a perfect sales dashboard in Power BI, there's something for everyone.

Who said the best reports need to be designed from scratch?

Bayer creates CFO App using Power BI & Zebra BI

On one of the most anticipated sessions at this year's MBAS (Microsoft Business Application Summit) event, Bayer has presented their exciting journey with Power BI. It's now been published as a detailed case study and we're honored that Zebra BI was a part of it!

Best Power BI visuals - our review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It has never been this easy to visualize and tell stories with your data.

And while Power BI provides you with a great suite of tools that you can use to create great-looking visuals and dashboards, there is still plenty of room for improvement. And that’s where custom visuals come in.

In this article, we looked at a handful of built-in visuals that we like and that we built upon to improve, plus we reviewed a couple of really nice custom visuals that you can use to improve your reports & dashboards and make them actionable.

Watch these binge-worthy webinars 

From the guide on Writeback Commentary in Power BI and the inspiring KPN real-world story to the most popular webinar so far on Income statements in Power BI, there's plenty of recent content to rewatch during summer. 

There's more: we're announcing the next webinar in the next couple of weeks. This time we'll take a step back and look at the fundamentals of building your Power BI reports. Stay tuned... 🔥

Webinar on demand

The Secret to powerful reports: KPN & Zebra BI

Watch on demand here >>

Webinar on demand

The Definitive Guide to income statements

Watch & get PBIX here >>

Webinar on demand

Writeback Commentary in Power BI via Power Apps

Watch on-demand & get PBIX here >>

The team in action

The team met up for a fun team-building event, with barbecue and sports! Since we transformed our way of work into a hybrid office, the whole team rarely meets up together so we were glad that finally got to meet all the new hires in person!

Your reviews on AppSource mean a lot 😊

Are you happy with Zebra BI visuals? If you're satisfied with your experience with Tables or Charts, please take a minute and write us a review. It would make our day! Write a review

It's great to watch you co-create the Zebra BI community

It's great to watch you co-create the Zebra BI community

We love hearing your thoughts about the features you'd need in the upcoming updates and how can we improve our product to help you create even more actionable reports. This counts your shares & comments on Linkedin, Twitter, or YouTube, too!

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