Zebra BI Partner

Menadžment Centar Beograd

Menadžment Centar Beograd is a specialized company for controlling.

Key products for controlling:

1. Trainings (150+ )

2. Consulting (Management reporting, BI, Profitability analysis, Stock reduction, Receivables reduction...)

3. Congresses (7)

4. Magazines (16)

5. Books (14)

6. Software for controlling

How can we help you with Zebra BI?

  • Help implement IBCS in the organization;
  • Design best practice business reports, dashboards, and presentations;
  • Automate Zebra BI reports or dashboards;
  • Provide 1st level support services for Zebra BI;
  • Offer official Zebra BI training.

We will help users using: Zebra BI visuals for Excel.


Bojan Šćepanović - [email protected]

tel.: 381637004518

Menadžment Centar Beograd

Ustanička 189
11050 Belgrade

Certified consultants