Use ‘report page tooltips’ to provide details

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI support the so-called 'report page tooltips' which can significantly enhance your Power BI reports.

The report page tooltips are especially efficient in explaining individual values in your visual. For example, a large postive or negative variance in a specific row in a Zebra BI Table.

Here's an animated example that demonstrates how you can leverage report page tooltips to display additional information when a user hovers with his mouse over a specific data category:

Before we provide the cookbook recipe on how to implement this in practice, please make sure you are using at least the August 2019 update of Power BI.

How to set up report page tooltips

To set up a report page tooltip, you have to add a page to your Power BI report that will serve as a tooltip to a visual in another page.

Add a page in your report, add visuals that you want to display in the tooltip and then (important!) in the page settings under Page Information turn on the Tooltip switch:

Awesome, you now have a nice tooltip set up, so it's time to link it to a visual in your report.

Navigate to a page where you'd like to display the tooltip and select your visual. Select the Format settings, under Tooltip, set the Type to 'Report page' and under Page select the name of your newly created tooltip page:


This visual will now display the tooltip when the user hovers with his mouse over the values in the visual. The data category serves as the filter to the tooltip, thus displaying further details for the selected category in the tooltip:


If you are using an older version of Power BI Desktop (e.g. the August 2019 Update) then you have to enable the Report page tooltips feature in your Power BI Desktop, as this was still considered a 'preview' feature at that time.

In your Power BI Desktop, go to File >> Options and settings >> Options:

Next, navigate to Preview features and tick the Report page tooltips checkbox: