Zebra BI for Excel – 2.3.0 Update

The 2.3.0 Update of Zebra BI visuals for Excel unlocks bonus report templates for everyone (yes, also the trial users), brings a new highly-requested type of chart and many other improvements to make it easier for you to create stunning Excel reports and dashboards.
This time we're bringing up to speed our add-in for Excel by adding new features and better graphs, as well as shipping our top 15 IBCS-certified page templates in the product by default. Also, don't miss the special challenge taken on by Excel maestro Pascal Kiefer who used Zebra BI for Excel to recreate our most successful sales dashboard template from Power BI. Do you think he succeeded? See below!
Make sure you upgrade your Zebra BI for Excel to the latest version:
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So, what’s new? 🎉

Zebra BI add-in for Excel 2.3.0 provides new features and improvements that will further enhance your reporting and make it easier for everyone to build dashboard and reports from scratch.

A new type of Time multiple series chart

 It allows you to display one of the scenarios with small triangles. This is usually used for showing Previous Year scenario.

Bonus report templates

From now on, our bonus report templates come included already with the trial version of Zebra BI for Excel and are automatically installed for you!

Here's what report templates look like in a single Excel file.

Previous Year (PY) Triangle

We added a new type of Time multiple series chart that allows you to display one of the scenarios with small triangles.

Here's what little triangles for PY data look like in a report wich compares against PY.

Other improvements

  • Our bonus report templates are now included and are automatically installed for you
  • An option to control relative format on Part whole charts
  • Added CHF to the list of symbols
  • Improved data parsing for certain edge cases
  • Improved German translations
  • Additional bug fixes
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Special thanks

We would like to thank to Pascal Kiefer, our certified consultant, for his continuous contributions for making Zebra BI for Excel better and for helping us create visual materials for this update. – K Team Solutions

Special Zebra BI Challenge!

Inspired by our latest product developments, Pascal Kiefer from K Team Solutions decided to take on a challenge and use Zebra BI for Excel to recreate our most popular Power BI dashboard. Here's the result. And we have to admit it's impressive!

You can download his Excel file here.

Time to give it a spin!

If you're using an older version of Zebra BI for Excel (e.g. 2.2.x or older), then this is a perfect opportunity to update your Zebra BI! You can find instructions for upgrading here.

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