How has your 2020 started? Hectic? Same here.

We’re sending our love and support as you dive into the second quarter, but we’re also bringing some really exciting Zebra BI updates.

Here’s news about our latest product development, online events, special challenges and highlights from our amazing community!

P.S. Scroll to the bottom to see the surprise. You’ll be glad you did.

Our visuals for Power BI got major new features and were officially certified by Microsoft 🎉

After months of hard work, sweat, and several detailed code reviews by Microsoft, we are extremely happy and proud to announce that both Zebra BI visuals have been sucessfully certified. This means security guarantee and new important features only available with certified visuals.

Learn more about certification here >


With the latest version of Zebra BI visuals for Power BI you also received the ultimate flexibility in designing table-based reports and complete governance of the design and behaviour of both Zebra BI visuals in Power BI reports and dashboards.

See what else is new for Zebra BI visuals for Power BI >

Zebra BI for Excel 2.3.0 update was released

The 2.3.0 Update of Zebra BI visuals for Excel unlocks bonus top 15 IBCS-certified report templates for everyone (yes, also the trial users), brings a new highly-requested type of chart and many other improvements to make it easier for you to create stunning Excel reports and dashboards. Learn more >

Here's what report templates look like in a single Excel file:

#WFH is not stopping us: Online sessions are on fire 🔥

March 24: Live webinar "Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Tips & Tricks In 2020"

We shared best-practice dashboard layouts and design patterns as well as top most effective Power BI tips in 2020 we're using to help our clients create more actionable dashboards for their internal reporting.

Watch the recording and get your PBIX example >

April 2: Virtual meetup hosted by Power BI User Group New Zealand/Wellington

Our founder Andrej Lapajne was a guest and ran an updated and renovated version of his popular "7 worst Power BI dashboard mistakes - AND HOW TO AVOID THEM" session.

Hosts: Jeff Weir, Phil Seamark, Jonathan Kapoor

April 16: Live webinar: "Power BI Productivity Features - Create Your Reports Amazingly FAST"

Can you design a 10-page or 30-page report in Power BI in a few hours? Yes, you can! In this practical session our founder Andrej Lapajne will teach you step-by-step how you can do it.

Register here >

April 23: Virtual meetup hosted by Power Platform Finance London

Our founder Andrej Lapajne is joining as a a guest speaker and will present his latest hands-on workshop "Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Tips & Tricks". It's free to attend and anyone can join!

Host: Rishi Sapra

Register here >

You guys have been amazing 💛

Excel maestro Pascal Kiefer decided to take on a special challenge and use Zebra BI for Excel to recreate our most popular Power BI dashboard. Here's the result and it's impressive!

You can download Pascal's Excel file here and Andrej's Power BI dashboard (PBIX file) here.

Spring cleaning now officially applies to dashboards as well.

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The Big Surprise:
Andrej’s Makeover Session!

Yes, you're thinking what we're thinking. 😃

We've decided to make our first ever makeover session where Andrej Lapajne is going to pick one of your cases and use your real-life data to try to create an organized and actionable dashboard in less than 20 minutes.

Do you want to join? Send us your anonymized data in Excel or PBIX file until April 20th at [email protected] and who knows... maybe you'll get lucky.

More information to come after we receive all of your entries.

#dataviz ❤️