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Fresh new features were released for our Power BI visuals 🎉

You asked and we listened. The 4.2 update comes with some highly requested features:

  • you can now display up to 4 base measures with variances in one visual!
  • advanced highlighting possibilities for Zebra BI Charts and Tables
  • more design options to make your dashboard and reports really stand out

See what's new for Power BI visuals

Here’s a real-life example of sales data comparing Actuals, Previous Year, and Plan. Now you can add the fourth scenario, for example, Forecast:

How you're using it in practice:

You broke all records with our online events 🔥

More than 2000+ of you registered for our webinars since April! Here are links to recordings in case you missed them or want to watch videos again.

April 16: "Power BI Productivity Features"

Can you design a 10-page report in Power BI in a few hours? In this practical session, we show exactly how to do this by using features like grouping, buttons, format painter, templates, themes, DAX measures, dynamic titles, drill-throughs, page tabs, and much more.

Watch the webinar and get your PBIX example >

May 6: "Top 10 Most Effective Power BI Dashboard Tips & Tricks in 2020"

The title says it all. In this webinar, we unveil the most useful tips and methods for designing dashboards that will allow you to stay ahead of your competition and on top of Power BI features that are evolving each month.

Watch the webinar and download your PBIX example >

May 28: "Deep dive into visual styling"

Contrary to the common understanding, Custom themes aren’t good just for setting colors - you can govern the design and behavior of all of your Power BI reports in one place. For the whole company.

Watch the video and show me how to do it >

June 2: Youtube Live Stream with Reza Rad, Microsoft Regional Director, and Andrej Lapajne

How can you prevent these worst Power BI mistakes? What one must do, is to always make sure the reports and dashboards you deliver are understandable and actionable! But that is easier said than done.

Host: Reza Rad

Watch the session >

June 18: IBCS-compliant reporting in Power BI (PUG Hamburg)

Andrej Lapajne and his host discussed financial reports, P&Ls, sales vs. plan performance dashboards, cost vs. budget analyses, and similar report types where Dr. Hichert's IBCS standards provide practical recommendations and best practices.

Host: Lars Schreiber

Watch the session >

June 23: "Power BI for Business Analysts: Zebra BI Expert Session"

In this expert session, we show you the types of reports that have been successfully implemented in the world's top companies like Coca-Cola, Swarovski, DHL, Philips, and many others. We'll cover financial reports, sales vs. plan performance dashboards, cost vs. budget analyses, and much more.

Watch the video and show me how to do it >

COVID-19: tools for coping and our new normal

Unless you live under the rock, you've seen the famous interactive dashboard with live data showing the unprecedented stock market volatility of the world’s top 200 companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See live dashboard

Pandemic hit us hard and even businesses that appear to be in good financial shape may not be immune. We did comprehensive research and analysis of which companies will suffer the most during this crisis and what are the top 7 strategies to manage working capital efficiently and come out of this pandemic as a winner. 

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2020, right? Like most teams around the world, we’re exploring the opportunities of working remotely and try to take out the best from it. Our pets enjoy us being around, and we must confess, so do we. This is how our daily morning coffee meeting looks like:

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