The Definitive Guide to Income Statements in Power BI

Learn how to make income statements in Power BI more understandable, actionable, flexible and quicker to create. Includes follow-along PBIX file.

[Webinar] The Definitive Guide to Income Statements in Power BI

Join the webinar and learn how to create understandable and actionable income statements in Power BI.

[Webinar] Create user-friendly income statements in Power BI

In this webinar, we will explain how to use Power BI to design income statements that are user-friendly, easily understandable, and actionable.

[Webinar] Mastering Variance Reports in Power BI

In this webinar, we will analyze and explain most effective methods for presenting variances in Power BI dashboards and reports.
Profit & Loss statement with waterfall charts and variances

[Webinar] 3 Essential Excel Report Templates You’re Not Using

The major problem of financial reporting is yet to be solved. Result: managers not making their way through the data presented, time being wasted, and important decisions failing to be made. Solution? International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) - a set of recommendations and best practices that went viral in Europe and have solved business communication problems in numerous companies such as Coca-Cola bottlers, SAP, Bayer, Roche, Swarovski, Lufthansa, Philips, etc.
Income Statement Excel Waterfall

[Webinar] How to Design Income Statements (Profit & Loss Statements) in Excel

The Income Statement (or Profit & Loss Statement) is one of the four major financial statements used by FP&A professionals, accountants and business owners. The biggest problem of most of them is that it takes a lot of time to extract the most important insights from them.

[Webinar] The Definitive Guide to Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts are one of the most powerful tools of every business analyst. They are perfect for visualizing Profit & Loss analyses, cash-flow statements, pricing, expense structures, price/volume/mix analyses or similar data structures.
Financial Reports Webinar