Small Multiples in Power BI

Supercharge Your Power BI Dashboards with Small Multiples

Learn how to create amazing Power BI dashboards with small multiples. Multiple examples explained. Download PBIX example files. Try it on your own data.

[Webinar] Supercharge Your Power BI Dashboards with Small Multiples

In this webinar you'll learn how to use the right chart type, handle large values and large data tables. Top 10 examples of small multiples.

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How to Create Excel Waterfall Charts That Do Not Suck

Excel 2016 introduces waterfall charts: 2 clicks and your awesome waterfall chart is inserted. Or is it? While the addition of waterfall charts in Excel 2016 is a great step forward, the current functionality still leaves much to be desired.

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Comparing AC values with PY, BU and FC is a core activity of financial professionals. In this webinar you'll learn all about the visualizations of variances

[Webinar] The Definitive Guide to Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts are one of the most powerful tools of every business analyst. They are perfect for visualizing Profit & Loss analyses, cash-flow statements, pricing, expense structures, price/volume/mix analyses or similar data structures.
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