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Wilco Nagtzaam
Senior FP&A Controller @ KPN
I had the privilege to do a test drive, and yes this product deserves multiple ❤ ❤ ❤
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Mario Mühllechner
Team Lead Business Intelligence | Liebherr Earthmoving
Excel is now an even better BI-Tool 😆 #ShowExcelSomeLove
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Carlos Barboza
Guerilla Data Analyst
No more time spent on hacking #Excel to make the charts look good. Now with one click & boom! voilà! ⚡⚡ THANK YOU for developing this for the huge community of Excel users!
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Casper Plantinga
Customer Success Director
Truly an amazing job which will change the way controller’s and financial analysts can do their work and focus on the actionable massages and not on the visualization! That part has been taken care of! Nice job & thanks.
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Dan Holman
Financial Analyst
I freaking love Zebra BI! Y’all have some unreal custom stuff
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Ulrik Harnisch
What a great way to tell your data "I love you" 😍
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Frequently asked questions

Is there a catch?
Nope. The free trial is completely free, and no credit card is required. For the next 14 days you will be able to dive deeper into the advanced functionalities of Zebra BI for Office, share your reports & presentations, and collaborate on them with your colleagues in real time.
I am ready to buy a pro license already. How can I do that?
Great! You can purchase the right plan for you here. You can choose between a Pro plan (up to 20 users), a Business plan (up to 200 users), or an Enterprise plan (200+ users).
Is there a forever free plan available?
Yes, there is. However, it is only available for a single user, so sharing & collaborating is not possible with the free version.
Does license include both Zebra BI Tables and Zebra BI Charts
Easily. Our customer advisory team is available through this link.