Tableau vs. Power BI - The Superstore Challenge

In this webinar, we’re going to put Power BI and Tableau to the test by recreating Tableau’s sample Superstore dashboard. Then we’ll try to answer the four vital questions that every report should answer:
  1. Is my performance good or bad?
  2. How good / how bad?
  3. Why is my performance as it is?
  4. What are we going to do about it?


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Webinar Details
Join us in the ultimate dataviz battle!

There’s a long-lasting rivalry between Power BI and Tableau that’s impossible to miss.

A ton of discussions, blog posts, and comparisons were made on which tool is better criteria-wise, but nobody’s ever done a live bakeoff session. Side by side. Bit by bit. On the exact same dataset! While they're both undeniably the leaders in the field of business intelligence and data visualization, they're also different from one another.

Additionally, what happens when you add Zebra BI visuals to the equation?
Will any of them pass the test? What’s your verdict? Join Andrej Lapajne, Zebra BI CEO & Founder, and Tine Ozimič, our BI analyst, to challenge of the season. Don't forget to bring some popcorn!

You'll Learn: 

What´s the difference between Tableau and Power Bi
What happens when you add Zebra BI visuals to the equation?
How to answer the four vital questions that every report should answer
Plus, there will be a Q&A session at the end. Get your questions ready!


Andrej Lapajne

Founder & CEO at Zebra BI
Andrej brings 25 years of experience in business intelligence and software development and 20 years as a consultant. Helping numerous international and regional companies achieve consistent and efficient internal reporting throughout the organization inspired him to build Zebra BI.

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Wilco Nagtzaam
Senior FP&A Controller
Amazing, Mindblowing, Supereasy
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Brian Julius
Chief Content Officer at Enterprise DNA Ltd.
I've recently been experimenting with Zebra BI's custom Table visual, which is like the native Power BI matrix on steroids. If your work allows for the use of custom visuals, I think it's definitely worth checking out. Planning on doing a video on it soon...
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Jonathan Kapoor
Commercial Reporting and Insights Manager
Hot damn @ZebraBI...speechless. Can’t share it but it looks good!
Read more
Lars Schreiber
Power BI Consultant & Trainer
Hey @ZebraBI: Your CEO is a cool dude and your visuals for #powerbi and #Excel are insane. Thanks @lapajne for presenting today. It was a ton of fun 👊
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Pascal Kiefer
CEO & BI Consultant
I can't believe you always manage to pack so many new and great features into every update :-)
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Harry Ferrera
Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
I dare to say that Zebra BI is the most realy hight level custom visual that exist right now. Amazin job, great updates. I definitely will keep recomending this custom visual to our clients.
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Jeff "Power BI Lobbyist" Weir
Modelling/Visualisation consultant and analytical storyteller
I had a phone interview for a #PowerBI contract, where the interviewer said of the sample dashboards in my CV: "Great...I see you use @ZebraBI!" How cool is that? And they mentioned my top-secret passphrase on the call: "Actionable Insight". I'm in.
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Manuel Barahona Gandía
Business Intelligence Reporting Manager
The reusable trick of switch I think is brilliant! And obviously, Zebra BI table replaces any other table now in Power bi. RIP to normal tables!
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Wilco Nagtzaam
Senior FP&A Controller
Very good update, as always! Going to think about a good use case for the updated small multiples.
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Daniel DeHaven
Director of Financial Systems
This visual from Zebra BI enables you to build stunning P&L, CF, and BS statements with complex structures with ease. Very intuitive for developers and users. In my opinion the best solution for Financial Reporting structures. 11 Stars!
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Tania Tombak
Principal Consultant, Executive Dashboards and Data Analysis
Already tried stacked bar. It's fantastic! Thank you for such a great feature!
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Esteban Fabiani
MS PowerBI Consultant
As you say, Andrej Lapajne, we spent A LOT, searching and explaining how to do Comments, with Power Apps, and also with the help of Excel. They were workarounds!!! No doubt...this is awesome and the simple way to go forward.
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