Zebra BI for SharePoint released!

A couple of months ago we offered a SharePoint version of Zebra BI to a select group of our customers. After thorough testing, bugs fixed and a lot of features added, Zebra BI for SharePoint is ready for a public release.

Deliver actionable online dashboards

Zebra BI for SharePoint enables you to publish interactive Zebra BI reports and dashboards to Microsoft SharePoint Server. Doing so, they become available to hundreds or even thousands of users via a standard web browser.

Users can fully interact with reports and dashboards using standard slicers, filters etc. - all Zebra BI charts are completely dynamic.

To see a short 40 second demonstration of Zebra BI for SharePoint in action, watch the video below:

Main features of Zebra BI for SharePoint:


  • Design your dashboards directly inside MS Excel with Zebra BI

  • 1-click publish to MS SharePoint

  • All Zebra BI charts supported!

  • Supports pivot table filters and slicers

  • Full Zebra BI functionality available on web, including chart scaling and small multiples

  • Secure database connections of any type (relational or OLAP) supported

  • Allows building personalized web dashboards

If your company uses MS SharePoint and you're interested in publishing best practice online dashboards directly from Excel using Zebra BI, click on the button below to request a quote:

Zebra BI for SharePoint

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