General Guides

Our library of comprehensive content guidance.
  • Charting best practices

    Making your data visualizations stand out requires learning how to create visually appealing charts that convey information clearly and effectively.

  • Charts explained

    Explore various chart types, from bar graphs to scatter plots, and gain practical insights on how to create visually appealing charts that effectively communicate your data.

  • Consulting reports

    Learn how to create professional consulting reports that deliver clear analysis, actionable recommendations, and valuable insights to clients concisely.

  • Data sources guide

    Learn how to integrate different data sources into your preferred dashboarding tool like Power BI, Excel, Tableau, etc.

  • Data viz guide

    Get to know simple techniques for creating powerful visual representations of complex information to communicate it clearly.

  • DAX functions in practice

    More than 100 guides cover different tasks that you can do with some of the most popular DAX functions.

  • Excel finance functions

    Discover how Excel's finance functions can help you make precise and efficient financial estimates, simplify complex calculations, and streamline your business processes.

  • Excel functions in practice

    More than 100 guides cover different tasks that you can do with some of the most popular Excel functions.

  • Excel/PBI/PPT guide

    Learn how to do just about anything in Power BI, Excel, or PowerPoint with our 500-article guide.

  • Financial KPIs glossary

    Easily understand financial KPIs with our comprehensive glossary, which offers simplified explanations and practical examples.

  • FP&A tutorials

    Become an expert in Financial Planning and Analysis through our user-friendly tutorials.

  • IBCS compliance

    Get familiar with the International Business Communication Standards and how to achieve the compliance in your favorite dashboard.

  • Metrics improved

    Get a deeper understanding about how different BI tools can help you boost your most important metrics like sales, revenue, conversion rate, etc.

  • Power BI optimization

    Learn the hacks for optimizing the performance of your Power BI reports & dashboards.

  • Power BI reports

    Get detailed instructions on how to create different report types in Power BI.

  • Power BI toolkit

    Analyze, visualize, and share data more efficiently using Power BI features and DAX formulas.

  • Visual customization

    When you learn how to create many chart types in different tools it's time to dive deeper into customization options.

  • Visualizations improved

    Find out how you can improve everyone's favorite visualization to be aligned with the IBCS.

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