How to create board meeting PowerPoint slide decks like a consultant in 2023

An actionable board meeting PowerPoint slide deck is not one filled with lots of charts and colors.

You shouldn't have to explain charts or tables in your slides to your viewers. Instead, the visualization should present the data to you immediately.

In our next webinar, you can discover the power of Zebra BI in PowerPoint to create professional-looking presentations in no time.

From IBCS compliance to advanced features like on-visual comments, waterfall (bridge) charts done with 1 click, and tables with integrated charts, you have the perfect tool to create presentations even the Big 4 companies would be jealous of.

Whether you're a consultant, FP&A analyst, controller, or data professional preparing regular presentations for management, you don't want to miss this one.

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Webinar Details
What are the key elements of PowerPoint financial reporting?

Despite all the modern tools and discussions about data storytelling, the internet is still filled with old-school PowerPoint slide design practices.

Your key message will not be well conveyed if you use meaningless colors, long tables with just numbers, and text comments all over.

Imagine preparing a slide deck in PowerPoint that is understood by everyone, from C-level managers to marketing, sales, and janitors. Even the most complex business reports like P&Ls can be visually appealing and show the right insights immediately.

With Zebra BI in PowerPoint, you can actually create such a slide deck in a matter of minutes. 😎

From waterfall charts and small multiples to advanced tables with integrated charts, on-visual comments & formula editor, seamless linking with Excel (and Power BI) to cover all aspects of reporting, easily applicable custom styles, and other advanced features you will for sure impress everyone looking at your slides. Besides that, you will see practical tips on how to use the slides' space effectively while maintaining a professional-looking board meeting PowerPoint slide decks.

Interactivity, flexibility, and a low learning curve are what you need to drive your business forward. See how to apply them to your presentations & reports with practical use cases.

You'll Learn: 

Which elements make for a consultant-like slide decks
What the key components of a good slide are
Practical tips & tricks for achieving professional-looking presentations
Which chart type to choose to best convey your message

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Andrej Lapajne

Founder & CEO at Zebra BI
Andrej brings 25 years of experience in business intelligence and software development and 20 years as a consultant. Helping numerous international and regional companies achieve consistent and efficient internal reporting throughout the organization inspired him to build Zebra BI.

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What a great audience, so much knowledge in one place.
Patrick Soehlke
Managing Director at Next Vision GmbH
Watching Zebra BI videos was a game changer for me in dashboard and report design! Thank you for always having great content! ⭐️
Meena Laird
Data Analyst
Woohoo! You guys rock the data viz world - keep up the great work!
Rachel Guthrie
Customer Success at Microsoft
Our financial landing page at KPN is completely based on the sales dashboard template. We also use a copy of the consolidated financials. The templates of Zebra BI are providing us with a lot of inspiration, and we don't "need to invent the wheel" again 😉
Wilco Nagtzaam
Senior FP&A Controller
You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for the great content! Keep up the fantastic work 👍
Kimberley Canoute
Business Intelligence Analyst
An amazing visual for finance. It has a lot of possibilities such as analytic periods, variances, or custom hierarchies for your income statement. 100% advisable.
Raúl Vinuesa Arjona
Senior Data Consultant
Awesome reports. Lots of tricks inside, thanks to the Power BI and the Zebra BI visuals.
Esteban Fabiani
MS PowerBI Consultant
Zebra BI is the best feature that has been created for Power BI. It makes designing reports easy. Thank you.
Brahim Chabane
Zebra BI User
I spent a couple of hours searching for a solution, your brief tutorial was the only one that worked for me. Thanks so much!
Ryan Cheung
Zebra BI User
It looks so good to a point that makes me be like, what's the point of me learning given I'll never be that good.....😄
Cheng Wang
Zebra BI User
Amazing, Mindblowing, Supereasy
Wilco Nagtzaam
Senior FP&A Controller
I've recently been experimenting with Zebra BI's custom Table visual, which is like the native Power BI matrix on steroids. If your work allows for the use of custom visuals, I think it's definitely worth checking out. Planning on doing a video on it soon...
Brian Julius
Chief Content Officer at Enterprise DNA Ltd.
Hot damn @ZebraBI...speechless. Can’t share it but it looks good!
Jonathan Kapoor
Commercial Reporting and Insights Manager
Hey @ZebraBI: Your CEO is a cool dude and your visuals for #powerbi and #Excel are insane. Thanks @lapajne for presenting today. It was a ton of fun 👊
Lars Schreiber
Power BI Consultant & Trainer
I can't believe you always manage to pack so many new and great features into every update :-)
Pascal Kiefer
CEO & BI Consultant
I dare to say that Zebra BI is the most realy hight level custom visual that exist right now. Amazin job, great updates. I definitely will keep recomending this custom visual to our clients.
Harry Ferrera
Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
I had a phone interview for a #PowerBI contract, where the interviewer said of the sample dashboards in my CV: "Great...I see you use @ZebraBI!" How cool is that? And they mentioned my top-secret passphrase on the call: "Actionable Insight". I'm in.
Jeff "Power BI Lobbyist" Weir
Modelling/Visualisation consultant and analytical storyteller
The reusable trick of switch I think is brilliant! And obviously, Zebra BI table replaces any other table now in Power bi. RIP to normal tables!
Manuel Barahona Gandía
Business Intelligence Reporting Manager
This visual from Zebra BI enables you to build stunning P&L, CF, and BS statements with complex structures with ease. Very intuitive for developers and users. In my opinion the best solution for Financial Reporting structures. 11 Stars!
Daniel DeHaven
Director of Financial Systems
Already tried stacked bar. It's fantastic! Thank you for such a great feature!
Tania Tombak
Principal Consultant, Executive Dashboards and Data Analysis
As you say, Andrej Lapajne, we spent A LOT, searching and explaining how to do Comments, with Power Apps, and also with the help of Excel. They were workarounds!!! No doubt...this is awesome and the simple way to go forward.
Esteban Fabiani
MS PowerBI Consultant