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Create jaw-dropping reports and dashboards with powerful visualization tools to deliver real insights from your data in record time.

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Stunning reports
Out-of-the-box tools for meaningful, actionable, and user-friendly reports.
in just a few clicks
No training, no programming, no formulas. Have your reports set up in minutes.
in your favorite tool
Simply import into your Excel or Power BI to start visualizing your data.

Put data into perspective

Stay ahead of your competitors and create understandable and actionable business reports and dashboards.  

Zebra BI visuals will not just show whether something is good or bad but will also put your data into the right perspective. By using advanced functionalities like dynamic comments, focus mode, scaling groups or drill-through you will better understand the context behind your company’s performance.  

Build reports 10x faster

Enter the world of self-service BI and let the Zebra BI visuals automatically calculate & visualize your key business drivers for you! 

Get immediate visualization of your data with out-of-the-box YoY growth rates and comparisons to PL, PY, or FC together with variances. Zebra BI will simplify your data models and shorten your report development cycles beyond comparison which will result in insanely flexible reports that are easy to maintain on the long run.  

Establish consistency in reporting

Having standards in place is crucial for same interpretation and understanding. And business reporting is not an exception here.  

When more people are interacting with Power BI or Excel-based reports, consistency is key. Using Zebra BI visuals will empower you to create reports and dashboards compliant with the IBCS resulting in consistent design throughout the reports, enabling a better and faster understanding. 

Learn more about our IBCS-compliance and Custom Themes

Unify your business performance view

Understanding the whole story behind your company’s performance has never been easier with the combination of all three Zebra BI visuals for Power BI.  

Transform the way of presenting your KPIs or your scorecard by creating an incredibly flexible entry page where each KPI card connects to a more detailed report to get a deeper understanding of the performance. A unified view of your business performance to shorten your action distance and empower you to make smarter decisions faster.  

Don’t just take our word for it

Widely accepted quality standards

+ 46%

Increase in speed of analysis*

+ 61%

Improvement in decision accuracy*


user rating in Microsoft AppSource
*Based on eye-tracking and qualitative study by Technical University in Munich, Germany
IBCS® Certified
With IBCS standards you make sure reports across your organization stay consistent and follow the same logic for easier understanding.
Learn more
PBI Certified
Zebra BI visuals for Power BI have been officially tested and certified by Microsoft ensuring they meet the highest data security standards.
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So amazing, even Microsoft uses it for internal reporting.


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