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in a few clicks

No training, no programming, no formulas.

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Excel or Power BI or both.

“Zebra BI’s PowerChart and PowerTable visualizations have been a game changer for our team.

First, the visualizations are very powerful in that they automatically create calculations such as variance and variance % that otherwise require additional measures.

Second, the ability to overlay forecast data into trend reporting is something I’ve never seen before and has brought our historical and forecast variance analysis to new levels.

Finally, the visualizations are simply beautiful and intuitive and have taken all of our reporting, from internal dashboards to Board reporting, to a whole new level.

To top it all off, the Zebra BI team has been very responsive to issues and feature requests and have been a pleasure to work with.”

Chris LockeChief Operating Officer | Chief Financial Officer - Rightpoint

“I have to say again that I am impressed by the functionality and flexibility of Zebra BI visuals and this time for Financial reporting in particular.

I think this is a game-changer for Financial reporting in Power BI that has been quite problematic so far.

Something that before we could do with complex DAX, can now be achieved with a couple of clicks on the visual itself.”

Rolands Pupkevičs, CFABI consultant/developer | Power BI

Stop preparing reports like this

The numbers want to tell a story. Every day, every week, month, quarter and year. Remove the jail bars and set them free!

Table PY vs Actual vs Budget wrong way

Switch to Best Practice Reporting

Zebra BI supports Dr. Rolf Hichert's International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). It “understands” Actuals, Budgets and Forecasts, calculates variances and applies the best practices automatically.

Your reports, dashboards and presentations will be dramatically improved. They'll start to communicate and you'll save huge amounts of time producing them!

"I have worked in finance for 27 years and can say your software is perfect.  It displays all the charts a finance professional would need or want to explain business performance.  I just can’t believe I am just now discovering it.  It would have saved many hours of my life over the 27 years.  Great job!

The best part is that it’s an Excel Add-in.  Excel gets such a bad rap for a BI tool, but it’s still the best if used properly.  The best way is to use Excel to link to an OLAP tool and then use something like Zebra BI and the flexibility of Excel to do analysis and reporting.  That way you get the best of three worlds (OLAP, Excel, & Zebra BI).

Just thought I would like you know that I think you have build a nice software tool.  Keep up the great work and keep improving it.

I am a big fan."

Robert Rodgers TitleChief Operating Officer - Unishippers

Finally we are able to quickly create well-designed reports and dashboards right within Excel. Inserting advanced charts like waterfalls, variance charts and multiples just take 2 clicks!

Zebra BI is one of the best Add-Ins for the modern Excel BI generation … and it is really great fun to work with this amazing tool!

Robert LochnerManaging Director, Linearis, Austria

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