Best practice reporting

Proven data visualization standards built-in.
Your reports will be perfect from the start.

in just a few clicks

No training, no programming, no formulas.
As easy as it can get.

right inside Excel!

No need to learn new tools
or transfer your data outside Excel.

How does it work?

Zebra BI is an Excel add-in so you simply get a new tab on your Excel ribbon.
No training required, no programming, no formulas.

Watch the video to see Zebra BI in action

Watch the video to see Zebra BI in action

Stop preparing reports like this

The numbers want to tell a story. Every day, every week, month, quarter and year. Remove the jail bars and set them free!

Table PY vs Actual vs Budget wrong way

Switch to Best Practice Reporting

Zebra BI supports Dr. Rolf Hichert's International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). It “understands” Actuals, Budgets and Forecasts, calculates variances and applies the best practices automatically.

Your reports, dashboards and presentations will be dramatically improved. They'll start to communicate and you'll save huge amounts of time producing them!

IBCS certified software seal - Zebra BI
Jürgen Faisst

We have seen an extremely good-looking reproduction of the certification templates.

What made the greatest impression on me was the amazing speed of creation: 90 seconds for a complex multi-tier IBCS chart is a real benchmark and comes close to Zebra BI’s vision of one-click-reporting

Jürgen FaisstManaging Partner, HICHERT+FAISST, Germany
Robert Lochner

Finally we are able to quickly create well-designed reports and dashboards right within Excel. Inserting advanced charts like waterfalls, variance charts and multiples just take 2 clicks!

Zebra BI is one of the best Add-Ins for the modern Excel BI generation … and it is really great fun to work with this amazing tool!

Robert LochnerManaging Director, Linearis, Austria
Alejandro Meyer

We were searching for the best software solution to enable our controllers to spend less time for preparing comprehensive reports in a standardized way and dedicate more time to the analysis of the data and crystallizing the message they want to convey to the decision-makers.

We found Zebra BI and our search was over.

Alejandro MeyerPlanning & Controlling Director, SanLucar Fruit S.L., Spain