Zebra BI for Office – Free version initial setup

Start creating advanced visualizations in your Excel or PowerPoint with Zebra BI for Office.
To start using the Free version, follow the steps below:

1. Import Zebra BI for Office

In your Excel or PowerPoint:  

  • Click on Insert > Get Add-ins (in online environment click on Insert > Add-ins > Store) 
  • Enter ‘Zebra’ in the search field on the left 
  • Choose Zebra BI Charts for Office and Zebra BI Tables for Office by clicking ‘Add’ 
  • Agree to terms of use 
  • Click on ‘Continue with a free license’

2. Insert your data

After adding the add-ins:  

  • The Chart selector or Table selector will open 
  • Choose the layout of the chart/table you wish to produce 
  • Zebra BI will automatically create a chart/table based on dummy data 
  • To insert your data, simply put it in, go to Insert > My Add-ins and choose the desired add-in from the dropdown.
Do you need some inspiration for your reports? Check out the report template gallery where you can find 20+ report examples for different use cases. Feel free to download them, simply enter your data, and impress everyone!
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Don't take just our word for it:

Carlos Barboza
Guerilla Data Analyst
No more time spent on hacking #Excel to make the charts look good. Now with one click & boom! voilà! ⚡⚡ THANK YOU for developing this for the huge community of Excel users!
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Casper Plantinga
Customer Success Director
Truly an amazing job which will change the way controller’s and financial analysts can do their work and focus on the actionable massages and not on the visualization! That part has been taken care of! Nice job & thanks.
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