Embed Power BI in updatable PowerPoint slides

Power BI allows exporting your report pages to MS PowerPoint, as described here.

However, at the moment there are many limitations to this feature, for example:

  • It is only available in the Power BI service (you cannot do it from Power BI Desktop),
  • Exported PowerPoint slides are static pictures (you cannot refresh them in PowerPoint),
  • You can only export one Power BI report at the time,
  • The number of pages is limited,
  • Only certified custom visuals are supported (Zebra BI is working on this)
  • R visuals and ArcGIS visuals are not supported.

A full list of limitations is provided by Microsoft here.

Especially the fact that PowerPoint slides cannot be refreshed and that you cannot create a PowerPoint slide deck from selected report pages from several different reports makes the Export to PowerPoint feature unfit for typical business use cases.

Solution? A powerful MS Office Add-in called Power BI Tiles PRO (https://www.powerbitiles.com/?app=Pro)

Power BI Tiles PRO allows you to link Power BI report pages and dashboard tiles directly into PowerPoint or Word and then simply refresh them whenever you need:

What makes this tool particularly useful is that you can select any item (a tile or a page) from any Power BI report or dashboard and bring them all together into a single, updatable PowerPoint slide deck:

Power BI Tiles PRO is free for Office online and a paid tool (with a tree trial) for Desktop.

More information: https://www.powerbitiles.com/?app=Pro