Get Actionable Insights 
from your data in Excel 

Supercharge your Excel with Zebra BI add-in and create reports that immediately show what's going on with your business. In record time. 

Add the missing charts

Variance charts, "Waterfalls", "Hills&Valleys", "Lollipops" and much more. All the business charts that you need for professional reporting.
Actual vs Budget monthly chart
Waterfall chart - Price change / Volume change / New
Actual vs. Previos Year structure chart
Dot plot - Plus-minus variance
Income Statement - waterfall chart


It only takes 2 clicks!

Just click anywhere inside your Excel data table and select a business chart. Exactly as you would insert a regular Excel chart.
You can create charts from Excel values and formulas, Pivot tables, PowerPivot or 3rd party add-ins like SAP BO Analysis for Office, XLCubed, etc
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All charts are completely dynamic.

All Zebra BI visualizations automatically update to changes in your Excel data. Just overwrite the values, refresh your Pivot table or filter your data and reports will instantly reflect all changes.
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Embed charts into tables.

Snap move enables you to embed charts into tables with a single click and have them line up automatically.

With this, you can create combined table-chart reports with the exactness of a table and the insight of a chart. As a result, many best practices in business communication use this combined approach.
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Zebra BI - Embed chart into table

Don’t just take our word for it

Zebra BI - Highlighting


Visual storytelling at its best

Highlight categories, display differences and CAGRs, add comments and visual explanations.

Visual storytelling has never been so easy!
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Ensure proper visual comparisons.

Proper scaling is one of the hardest problems in data visualization.

But not with Zebra BI! You can synchronise the scale of any number of charts. Even across different chart types!
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Increase information density.

Small multiples of charts is one of the most effective methods of data visualization. However it is extremely time consuming to manually create reports like this. You need to produce several charts, align them, bring them to the same scale and manipulate the category labels.

No more excuses. Zebra BI produces multiples exactly the same way as singles - in two clicks.
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Zebra BI is IBCS® Certified and 100% compliant with the highest quality standards in business reporting.

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