Get Actionable Insights from your data in Power BI

Zebra BI combines the most intuitive visualization tools to take your Power BI reports to the next level and deliver insight from your data in record time.

Create advanced reports in a single visual

One visual, many visualizations. With Zebra BI you can build any report you want, from sales dashboards to complex financial statements. Right in your Power BI. 

Format almost every aspect of your tables and charts within one visual and simply slide between all the advanced charts you'll ever need in your business reports and dashboards.

Calculate comparisons 

Compare your data to something and put it into perspective. Variances are the holy grail of reporting because they help you understand performance in the right way. 

Zebra BI's utterly flexible and intuitive business charts and tables automatically calculate absolute and relative variances for you! 

Adapt information density with responsive layout 

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI are the world's first fully responsive visualizations. The visuals will automatically adapt the amount of information presented to fit the available space.

Meet the highest standards of reporting

IBCS® Certified
With IBCS standards you make sure reports across your organization stay consistent and follow the same logic for easier understanding.
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PBI Certified
Zebra BI visuals for Power BI have been officially tested and certified by Microsoft ensuring they meet the highest data security standards.
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Supercharge reports with advanced Small Multiples

Create multiple charts to compare various data categories and discover insights in just a few clicks. All charts perfectly scaled.

Zebra BI visuals contain the most advanced algorithms for rendering small multiples among BI software so far.

Integrate comments for better storytelling

With Zebra BI adding comments to your reports has never been easier. 

Use dynamic Comment Markers for comments to appear in the tooltip when you hover over them. You can also use a Comment Box to display dynamic comments next to your tables in Power BI reports and dashboards. 

Right inside the visual!

Use enhanced report page tooltips for deeper insights

Zebra BI report page tooltips can deliver much more details and insights than native Power BI tooltips as they can show additional dimensions that aren't even part of the visual.

With the Top N+Others functionality you can even limit the number of categories that are displayed and highlight only those with the greatest impact on your business.

Calculate new measures on the fly with Formula Editor

Goodbye complex data set changes, hello custom calculations within Zebra BI! 

Whenever you want to add a new element to your table and it's not in your data set, you can simply calculate it with a Formula Editor within a Zebra BI visual. That’s how you can add completely new elements to your tables, without doing any work on your data set.
How it works in Tables

Switch between visualization elements

Zebra BI offers everything you need to visualize your data in the best way: from Stacked charts and Combo charts, to Segmented charts, Waterfall chart with subtotals, Single measure Waterfall chart, Drop lines, and much more.
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Style your dashboards 
for best clarity  

Use endless possitibilities to design stunning reports and dashboards that work best for your business. From advanced highlighting to standardizing specific elements such as labels or even the design of all reports across the company with custom themes.

All compliant with IBCS reporting standards. 
visual styling zebra bi power bi

So amazing, even Microsoft uses it for internal reporting.

“Zebra BI visuals are helping us get to insights faster. The simplicity of the presentation allows me to see immediately what our team needs to do.”

Peter Rostas
Director Product Marketing,
Microsoft Surface

Stunning Financial Statements - Live Demo

With Zebra BI you can also create user-friendly income statements, balance sheet, and cashflow reports in Power BI! With subtotals, invert function for costs, reorderable columns, automatic variance charts and much more.
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Zebra BI Visuals are #1 Reviewed Add-In For Financial and Sales Dashboards. 


Used by thousands of business analysts around the world. Get Zebra BI Charts and Tables directly from the Microsoft AppSource.

Ready to see Zebra BI visuals in action?

Import Zebra BI to your Power BI and see the magic on your data! You can also contact us to help you build your first test report and create a custom package for your business.
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