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Loved by report designers. Trusted by enterprises. Bring Zebra BI in-house at your company with advanced security, best-in-class support, reliable performance, active involvement in product roadmap, and much more.

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Security and scalability you
can rely on

Our products are prepared to serve use cases of any size, and have the security features your team needs to feel safe committing to Zebra BI.

Rigorous QA Testing
We’re committed to continuous testing of our software according to the latest best-practices as well as specific protocols applicable specifically to our product.
Microsoft Certification
Zebra BI visuals for Power BI have been officially tested and certified by Microsoft ensuring they meet the highest data security standards.
Enterprise Scaling
Zebra BI’s enterprise grade products can roll out to as many users as your organization needs.

Visualize data smarter

Actionable Insights

Visualize your data in record time and extract insights that immediately help you understand your business performance. From advanced tables and charts to automatic calculations, dynamic comments, drill-through and drill-down options — everything you need in your BI toolbox.

Standardization & Governance

Make sure all reports across your organization stay consistent and follow the same logic. That way everyone can understand them faster. It also makes the maintenance of reports much easier in the long run.
“I love your product and we use it on a daily basis. Zebra BI has substantially improved our ability to communicate group results to our stakeholders. It’s an intuitive and cost-effective piece of software that simplifies business communication.”
Arno Geldenhuys
Group FP&A Manager, Naspers Group Finance

We’ll set you up for success

Our sales and BI team is here to help you build a pilot project, provide technical consulting on critical questions, onboard your team, and stay with you to make sure you get the most out of Zebra BI.

Pilot project & Technical consulting
Our BI team will help you and your colleagues through technical questions and help you build first reports with your own data. 
Onboarding and training support
We’ll help you and your team get up and running, and can offer team training as well.
Dedicated account manager
You will get a dedicated person from our team for ongoing support to make sure your Zebra BI implementation is a success. 
Custom billing and invoicing
We'll work with your procurement department and accounting team to meet your billing requirements.  
Enterprise support
You will have a dedicated account manager and a BI specialist for ongoing support to make sure your reports and dashboards are running smoothly. 
Quarterly reviews
We’ll meet with you on a regular basis to review your reports and provide guidance for optimization and best practices to ensure actionable insights. 


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So amazing, even Microsoft uses it for internal reporting.

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