Zebra BI tutorial:
The beginner's guide

New to Zebra BI? In this tutorial, we'll show you how to take your favorite Excel file and turn it into a jaw-dropping Power BI report.

By the end of this 8-minute tutorial, you'll learn how to create your first report in Power BI with Zebra BI and leave with a solid understanding of how to build actionable reports — by simply dragging & dropping your data into the visuals. 

(0:00) - Introduction to the guide
(0:44) - Import data from excel
(3:30) - Display your key metrics
(4:59) - Create advanced tables with comparisons
(6:00) - Show trends
(6:50) - Discover actionable insights
(8:00) - Outro - quick report tips
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If you want to develop your report design skills, we highly recommend you check out resources below: 

What is Zebra BI?

Zebra BI is a complete toolkit for creating understandable and actionable reports. It consists of three visuals that cover all business reporting needs: Tables, Charts, and Cards. 

Each functionality of Zebra BI is designed to support best practices in modern BI, such as showing variances and comparisons, adding dynamic comments to explain the context, using advanced charts, and much more. By leveraging the unified design of all elements, you'll be able to create clear and consistent reports that everyone in the company will understand. 

If you approach Zebra BI with the mindset of data storytelling, you'll be able to learn it very quickly. And as a result, you'll end up creating reports that your colleagues and managers will love

Your reports should work for you

Not the other way around. Zebra BI visualizes your data to save you serious time and help you focus on interpretation and discussion.  

Here's some more inspiration

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Report Templates Library

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