Power BI visualization: Benefits of choosing Zebra BI

If you’re looking for more advanced Power BI visualizations, look no further than Zebra BI. Our visuals are officially Microsoft-certified and offer powerful features that make reports and dashboards understandable & actionable.

So, why do you need Zebra BI visuals on top of your Power BI stack? 

Sure, Power BI is an extremely powerful analytics tool for connecting, accumulating, and modeling data from endless sources. Many people can use it for a variety of purposes, from business intelligence to analysis of their favorite soccer club performance. And that’s because Microsoft is building it as a general platform. On the other hand, the Zebra BI team has been creating financial reports and dashboards for the last two decades. Most recently we built one of the most powerful visuals developed especially for business analysts working with Power BI. 👋

Long story short: if you’re a business analyst and looking for a tool to help you create more insightful and actionable reports faster - then you’re in the right place. We created Zebra BI visuals so you can spend less time preparing reports and rather focus on analyzing data.