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If you’re looking for more advanced Power BI visualizations, look no further than Zebra BI. Our visuals are officially Microsoft-certified and offer powerful features that make reports and dashboards understandable & actionable.
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So, why do you need Zebra BI visuals on top of your Power BI stack?

Sure, Power BI is an extremely powerful analytics tool for connecting, accumulating, and modeling data from endless sources. Many people can use it for a variety of purposes, from business intelligence to analysis of their favorite soccer club performance. And that’s because Microsoft is building it as a general platform. On the other hand, the Zebra BI team has been creating financial reports and dashboards for the last two decades. Most recently we built one of the most powerful visuals developed especially for business analysts working with Power BI. 👋

Long story short: if you’re a business analyst and looking for a tool to help you create more insightful and actionable reports faster - then you’re in the right place. We created Zebra BI visuals so you can spend less time preparing reports and rather focus on analyzing data.

Andrej Lapajne

Founder, Zebra BI

Top reasons why companies use Zebra BI visuals for Power BI

#1 Zebra BI visuals help you discover deeper insights

Because Power BI standard visualization options are rather limited, it's often difficult (and sometimes even impossible!) to visualize complex business data in a way that end-users would understand. Zebra BI visuals were built to make reports and dashboards understandable and actionable. Our visuals don’t just show how something is good or bad, but they tell you exactly what’s going on. So, if you’re hoping to discover real insights, you need Zebra BI visuals. 

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“This tool is unique. Most tools show us only WHAT happened. Zebra BI answers WHY it happened.”
Gabriel Medina - Analyst, 
GxSoft Argentina

#2 Built for faster reporting

Building reports and dashboards in Power BI takes time. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes days or even weeks. All this to build a very complex model that is impossible to maintain (kudos to all people out there who maintain reports that other people built). With Zebra BI visuals you can easily be 10x times faster, since our visuals automatically calculate many business categories, such as year-over-year variance in Plan or Forecast.

For a user, this means you can have an extremely simple data model and Zebra BI visual is going to not only visualize that but calculate & visualize your data. With our visuals, you can, therefore, simplify your model, shorten the time needed for creating reports, as well as make reports more flexible and easier to maintain in the long run.

“Our controllers now spend less time preparing comprehensive reports and more time analyzing data and crystallizing the message.”
Alejandro Meyer - Planning & Controlling Director, 
SanLucar Fruit S.L., Spain

#3 Your reports and dashboards will always stay consistent

Zebra BI supports IBCS reporting standards and custom themes. We want you to focus on interpreting your data, not worrying about the look of reports, while doing crazy things to fix the design in Power BI. Even if your company employs thousands of people who interact with Power BI, you can now make sure that no matter who builds it, each report will have a consistent design, making it easier to understand.

Learn more about IBCS-compliance and Custom Themes

“This a very professional product. Our company’s leadership (finance and operations) is already asking we roll this out to all our PBI financial reports.”
Joe Pawlowski, Innovation Manager - Business Intelligence

#4 User experience designed for business analysts

We’ve been building financial and sales dashboards for more than two decades so we understand all the nitty details behind it. It’s all we think about every day. So, if the Power BI team is working on building a better platform, then our main focus is data visualization and millions of ways of making it better.

For example, just recently Power BI introduced “visual personalization” that enables you to choose a visual, however, not necessarily the right one! On the other hand, Zebra BI shows you exactly which visuals are the best fit for your specific data set. We could go on about features such as responsiveness of visuals, column sorting, as well as many others, but you get the point: it’s the user experience that makes people so happy with Zebra BI visuals.

“Everybody in our company loves Zebra BI visuals. They are so powerful and so advanced. There is definitely nothing close to them in the marketplace!”
Ilyas Usta, VP Planning and Performance Management
Wintershall Dea - Source Microsoft AppSource
May 16, 2024

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Side-by-Side Comparison - Demo

Play with the interactive demo below to understand how Zebra BI brings your Power BI reports to the next level and makes them ultimately actionable.

Hint: click the ⤢ icon at the bottom-right of the report page to enjoy the full-screen view.

Step-by-step Tutorials & Examples

Speaking of dashboard building expertise: since 2015 we’ve been creating detailed video tutorials on our Youtube channel that have been watched over 200,000 times.

We host new live online webinars almost every month. They're free and available to everyone. Plus, they come with practical visual examples you can play with.

Expert Support

Our entire support team is made up of Power BI experts who actively use and develop with Power BI. We're here to answer your questions and help you build your reports and dashboards to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Power BI.

Every Zebra BI client gets to chat with the same team members that support our large enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. You won’t find better support anywhere else!

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Hey @ZebraBI: Your CEO is a cool dude and your visuals for #powerbi and #Excel are insane. Thanks @lapajne for presenting today. It was a ton of fun 👊
Lars Schreiber
Power BI Consultant & Trainer

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