Crash Course 
For Beginners

Follow these 5 steps and learn how to build your first sales dashboard with Zebra BI visuals! When you're done, you'll have the IBCS-compliant dashboard to show and all the tools necessary to start your journey towards Actionable Reporting.

What's included

5 video tutorials
PBIX files for each step 
Mark Leskovsek Zebra BI - BI Specialist
Mark Leskovsek
BI Specialist at Zebra BI

Step 1: 
Create a Calendar table

Before diving into the dashboard layout, you need to cover the basics. To make sure that time-intelligence functions work as intended, it's best that you create a separate Calendar dimension table. Watch the video to learn how to easily create such a table and connect it to your data model.
Learn more about Calendar tables
Download PBIX file

DAX code for creating the table:

    "Year", YEAR([Date]), 
    "MonthNo", MONTH([Date]), 
    "Month", FORMAT([Date],"mmm"),
    "Quarter", FORMAT([Date],"QQ"),
    "YearMonth", FORMAT([Date],"YYYY-MM"), 
    "WeekdayNo", WEEKDAY([Date],2), //1-Sun..Sat, 2-Mon..Sat
    "Weekday", FORMAT([Date],"ddd") ) 

Step 2: Basic measures

Zebra BI visuals are very flexible when trying to create different insights into your data, however, the true power is shown once we add in some comparison measures. Watch the video to learn how to create the basic measures needed for supercharging your dashboards with Zebra BI visuals.

Learn more about Basic Measures
Download PBIX file

Step 3: Zebra BI Tables

Zebra BI Tables is the most powerful and simple to use table visual available in Power BI Explore its primary features and see how you can use them to build the first part of your sales dashboard.

Learn more about Zebra BI Tables
Download PBIX file

Step 4: Zebra BI Charts

Complete the second part of your sales dashboard with the most versatile chart visual in Power BI - Zebra BI Charts.

Learn more about Zebra BI Charts
Download PBIX file

Final Touches & Overview

Finish up your dashboard in a few quick steps to give your dashboard an added design layout which you can then use for consistency across the entire report.

Learn more about Styling and Design
Download PBIX file
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