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BI Samurai

BI Samurai is a community of experts specialized in the field of Business Intelligence with the main focus on Power BI.

We all run our own companies but in order to be able to take on bigger projects and to deliver even better results, we have joined forces to assist each other. Most of us are Power BI experts but we also have expertise in Power Apps, Power Automate, SQL, Azure and many other tools which are part of a successful Power BI project.

The BI Samurais have implemented Power BI solutions for companies of all sizes and from all industries around the globe. Working with us will make any Power BI project a success as we are all experts and can rely on each other’s skills which means that we are able to solve any issue that might pop up along the way. Also, working with us is very straight-forward, simple and fun as there are no complicated processes. We just get the job done.

“More than 50% of all the Power BI implementations that we supported over the years involved the Zebra BI visuals. We are a great supporter of the Zebra BI visuals as they are such a fantastic addition to each and every Power BI report.” – Pascal Kiefer, CEO at K Team Solutions GmbH

Find our website in the contact section and explore different BI Samurais and some of our recent work. The BI Samurais are excited to hear, how we can help you.


How can we help you with Zebra BI?

  • Data visualization
  • Support services
  • Trainings
  • Data platforms (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Data power platforms
  • Other
We will help users using: Zebra BI for Excel, Zebra BI visuals for Power BI


Pascal Kiefer, Founder

BI Samurai
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