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Datadrop is a company that aims to organize information and business processes digitally and make them accessible to anyone who needs them to make decisions.

We create "The DataDrop Method" to reduce the time and complexity of data control, through innovative utilities and technologies, capable of making the user's work easier, clearer and more interactive. Born from the mix of scientific research and practical experience, the method translates the corporate value control system into action, transforming thousands of company data and files into continuous and coordinated information, measurements and reports.

We are also supporters of the adoption of IBCS® Standards and we're constantly applying the SUCCESS Formula to our Clients Projects.

How can we help you with Zebra BI?

  • Data visualization
  • Support services
  • Trainings
  • Other
We will help users using: Zebra BI visuals for Power BI


Francesco Nardini, Co-founder/Senior Consultant

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Piazza Risorgimento 24
52100 Arezzo

Certified consultants

Francesco Nardini

Co-founder/Senior Consultant