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Zebra BI for Power BI – 3.3 Update

With so many recent updates and given the fact that we have weekly release cycles, we are hereby providing a comprehensive overview of Zebra BI for Power BI version 3.3.
Scroll down to see what our team prepared for you. Also, don't forget to download the demo PBIX file! 

Get the PBIX file

Download the demo PBIX file that contains all the latest features illustrated with many practical examples.
Download PBIX

Watch the Video

Watch the video below for a quick and practical overview of all major NEW features & updates:
(0:50) Intro to 3.3 release
(5:17) Individual columns formatting and additional columns
(8:01) Waterfall charts with subtotals
(13:10) Visual response behavior and focus mode
(16:43) Enhanced cross-tables: Variances and hierarchy
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Interact with Zebra BI for Power BI 3.3 👇

Play with our interactive example to get inspired and see all the new features in action. 
Tip: Make sure you put the interactive report in the full-screen mode (⤢) and check out all the pages by pressing the navigation arrows.

List of new features

  • Add up to 10 custom-calculated columns to Zebra BI PowerTables (our favorite),
  • Every column in the visual can now be individually styled! (Zebra BI PowerTables),
  • New waterfall charts with subtotals (Zebra BI PowerCharts),
  • Further optimized matrix charts (calculated to consume the optimized amount of space),
  • New lollipop charts (new chart type) for displaying percentages,
  • Control the secondary Y-axis in combo charts,
  • Further improved table and matrix layouts,
  • Improved expand/collapse with custom indentation
  • Speed optimizations for large datasets,
  • "Zoom" in focus mode to enhance storytellling with Zebra BI,
  • Control minimum chart width to fine tune the Zebra BI responsive behavior,
  • Improved the rotation of the labels on the axis (Zebra BI PowerCharts),
  • And much more ...
See full changelog

Time to give it a spin!

If you're using an older version of Zebra BI, then this might be a perfect opportunity to update your Zebra BI! When ready, just shoot us an email at support@zebra.bi and we'll help you migrate to the latest version.

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