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Creating updatable PowerPoint presentations

How difficult is it to export your tables, charts and reports from Excel to PowerPoint?

Watch our webinar and see for yourself how easily this can be done.

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Enjoy & thank you for watching! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions — write to us at [email protected]ebrabi.com!


Andrej Lapajne

Founder & CEO at Zebra BI

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(0:24) Types of Business presentations
(0:37) Ad hoc presentations
(1:10) Recurring presentations
(3:21) Examples of presentation slides
(9:05) Creating waterfall charts in Excel
(10:01) Creating a presentation slide - static
(11:19) Creating a presentation linked slide – updatable
(13:18) Updating the slides
(14:30) Adding comments
(15:18) Creating a presentation slide with many objects
(18:27) Multiple charts
(20:04) Adjusting the layout
(24:15) Managing your style
(26:28) Creating your style
(27:02) Editing colors
(28:26) Editing fonts
(32:31) Sharing your style with others – standardized style
(33:56) Importing styles into Excel
(36:16) Adjusting chart values
(37:24) Scaling multiple charts
(38:13) Aligning charts
(38:59) Using page templates
(39:48) Creating a page template
(40:42) Preparing data
(42:37) Moving charts
(46:43) Creating slides with pivot tables
(49:22) Limiting values of outliers
(50:37) Copying pages
(53:25) Disabling automatic update
(56:13) Changing file names
(58:30) Zebra BI resources and social media presence
(59:03) Q & A
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