Design best Power BI dashboards [Youtube Live Stream]

On Friday, June 6th, Our CEO Andrej Lapajne was guest at the live Youtube session hosted by Reza Rad. Reza is a Microsoft Regional Director and has more than 20 years’ experience in data analysis, BI, databases, programming, and development.…

Impact of COVID-19 on the global stock markets – Live Data

We built an interactive dashboard that shows the unprecedented stock market volatility of the world’s top 100 companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
power bi custom visual

Zebra BI Recommends: 10 Power BI Custom Visuals that Will Make Your Reports Pop

It has never been this easy to visualize and tell stories with your data. Tools like Power BI deliver real power that anyone can access and use to create great visuals that explain, clarify and amplify your message. However, if you work in Power…

Burning Questions: How to Add a Monthly/YTD Switch to a Power BI Dashboard?

One of the questions we get most often by our users is how to create a switch in their Power BI dashboard that would let them switch between Monthly and YTD views. You can do this by using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), which is the formula…

Top 5 New Productivity Features in Zebra BI Custom Visuals for Power BI

The latest version of Zebra BI for Power BI brings a bunch of new features that bring new flexibility to companies and users who rely on standardized reports to present their data.

Microsoft income statement – FY18 Q4 financial results in Power BI

On July 19, 2018, Microsoft Corp. announced the financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2018, as compared to the corresponding period of last fiscal year. The results are impressive, for example: Revenue was $30.1 billion and…
Income statement Excel

How to Design Income Statements in Excel

If there is one report that's a business constant, it's the income (profit & loss) statement. Learn how to create an actionable income statement in Excel

3 Essential Excel Report Templates You’re Not Using (With Recipes How to Create Them)

You can create better reports. Here we present 3 excel report templates for the 3 cornerstone financial reports. Recipes how to create them included.

A different way to present cash flow statement

This is a guest post by Saša Butina, a consultant at SASH reporting. See more about SASH reporting at the end of the post. When one monitors financial activities - inflows and outflows from company’s bank account, he/she usually analyses…
Excel 2016 waterfall chart 4 - axis break

8 Reasons Why Excel 2016 Waterfall Charts Suck

Excel 2016 introduces waterfall charts: 2 clicks and your awesome waterfall chart is inserted. Or is it? While the addition of waterfall charts in Excel 2016 is a great step forward, the current functionality still leaves much to be desired.

Trump’s Chances – Redesign of The New York Times’s Infografic

In the recent update of The New York Times's article Who Will Be President? the authors used an interesting and a slightly controversial infografic, consisting of 16 sparklines. The graphic depicts the trends of Donald Trump's winning…
Sales by salesmen YTD FY - AC BU FC

Top 3 Ways to Report your Variance Analysis in Excel

Most companies create plans and budgets to establish benchmarks for future performance in sales, production, operations, labor, etc. The starting point of these plans and budget are usually estimated cost and revenue figures. The goal is to…
Variance report

8 Steps to Creating an Efficient Variance Report

The internet is full of bad examples of variance reports. Follow this guide to see how we turn one such example into a great and efficient variance report.

Struggling to visualize your data? Zebra BI’s got you covered!

Whether it’s waterfall charts, variance charts, or lollipop charts, Zebra BI has everything you need to visualize your data for all to understand. Picture this: you’re about to present your company’s quarterly earnings to its top executives.…

The fastest way to insert lollipop charts in Excel

Lollipop charts are a great data visualization technique. Data visualization professionals and business analysts like them for a good reason. They can be used in similar situations as bar charts and column charts, but they have the advantage…

Designing Financial Statements for Non-Profits & Foundations – The Gates Foundation example

This time we'll take a deep dive into the 2014 annual report of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to find out if data visualization can help explain their consolidated financial statements. As Stephanie Evergreen pointed out in her intriguing…

How to visualize trends for multiple markets, products, etc.

Recently, my attention was drawn to an interesting analysis of The Hottest Startup Sectors In 2016, written by Tomasz Tunguz. It shows the trend of investments into 16 major startup markets and tries to expose the gap between seed and Series…

Making small multiples in Excel

Have you ever tried making small multiples in Excel? I have. Several times. It's possible. Everything is possible in Excel, but some things just take forever. And when you're done and realize you'd like to change it just slightly, it takes…
IBCS Compliant Profit & Loss Report

Designing financial reports, dashboards and business presentations

How do your financial reports look? All too often, they fall somewhere between messy spreadsheets and dashboards, full of poorly labelled and inappropriate charts, that simply do not get the message across to the decision-makers. Countless…

How to Choose the Right Business Chart – A 3-step Tutorial

In this article we will explain how to choose the right chart for your data. Or more precisely, for your message. There are 3 fundamental rules that you should always follow when deciding which chart to use. If you learn these 3 rules, there…