[Webinar] Practical Rules for Visualizing Budgets, Plans and Forecasts in Excel

The typical way to present budgets is with plain tables. A much better approach is to use some cleverly thought-out visualizations. In this webinar you'll learn exactly how to do it in Excel!
Zebra BI chart with difference highlight

[Webinar] Improve your Excel reports with visual highlights

In this webinar you'll learn: The best types of highlights for different KPIs, How to edit styles of your highlights, Many examples of best practice visualizations with highlights
Automating Excel reports with PivotTables and slicers

[Webinar] Automating Excel reports with PivotTables and slicers

MS Excel offers PivotTables, slicers and other functions that let you automate your reports and dashboards in an extremely efficient way. Join our webinar to learn how!
Monthly Cash Flow development

[Webinar] Creating updatable PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint slides are the standard for delivering a business presentation. Unfortunately the data you want to present is usually not in PowerPoint, but in Excel. Learn how to export your tables, charts or even whole reports from Excel to PowerPoint and make them update automatically.
Income Statement Excel Waterfall

[Webinar] How to Design Income Statements (Profit & Loss Statements) in Excel

The Income Statement (or Profit & Loss Statement) is one of the four major financial statements used by FP&A professionals, accountants and business owners. The biggest problem of most of them is that it takes a lot of time to extract the most important insights from them.

[Webinar] The Definitive Guide to Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts are one of the most powerful tools of every business analyst. They are perfect for visualizing Profit & Loss analyses, cash-flow statements, pricing, expense structures, price/volume/mix analyses or similar data structures.
Sales by salesmen YTD FY - AC BU FC

How to Create Efficient Variance Reports

Whether it is sales-vs-budget or costs-vs-budget, every company uses variance analysis to track the actual performance against their goals. In this webinar you'll learn how to design efficient variance reports using Excel and Zebra BI.
Financial Reports Webinar
Data visualization in depth
Financial Reports Webinar