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Financial Reporting in Power BI with Zebra BI - Zagreb 14.06.2019

By Ziga Milek • Last updated

We are thrilled to announce, that we'll be running another full-day workshop on financial reporting in Power BI with Zebra BI, taking place in the beautiful city of Zagreb

Controlling Kognosko is where the event will take place, presenting the latest trends and best practices of financial and business reporting. Our CEO Andrej Lapajne will lead the full-day training on financial reporting in Power BI with Zebra BI visuals. With a ton of examples, modeling best practices, DAX tricks, and advanced data visualization methods, we will systematically teach you how to build superb P&L statements, actual vs. budget dashboards and other business reports in Power BI. From scratch! We will show you how to use PowerBI's and ZebraBI's bells & whistles such as smart page tooltips, drill-through et al in the most productive way.

Make sure you don't miss out on this incredible event! REGISTER TODAY by clicking on this >> LINK <<

Agenda at a glance:

09:00 (Start) 

  • Building your first report in Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI, Zebra BI and IBCS®
  • Quick win: Power BI report from Excel data
  • Zebra BI visuals: How to use the charts and tables

10:30 (Break - 15 min)

  • Business reporting in Power BI
  • Actual vs. PY reporting
  • Calendar dimension, DAX time functions, YTD switch
  • Actual vs. Budget reporting (sales reports, cost budget reports)

12:15 (Lunch break - 45 min)

  • Best practice data model in Power BI
  • Essential data transformations in PowerQuery
  • Star schema: modeling tables and relationships
  • Top 5 DAX formulas for business reporting, dynamic measures

14:30 (Break - 15 min)

  • Financial reports and income statements
  • Hierarchy of accounts, subtotals, expenses, results
  • Tips&Tricks: Smart tooltips, Drill-through, Bookmarks, etc.
  • Best ways of sharing your reports & dashboards

16:15 (End)

Very much looking forward to seeing all of you there and getting to know you.

Event location:
Kontroling Kognosko
Jaruščica 1E,
10000 Zagreb


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