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Celebrate the Power BI community at the Power BI Fest 2021

By Urska Mozetic • Last updated

With over 3,000 registered attendees, Power BI Fest might be one of the biggest events Zebra BI has been a part of so far. Join the event along with Zebra BI's CEO & Founder Andrej Lapajne to learn about everything there is to know to level up your Power BI skills!

The Power BI Fest is a free full-day virtual conference bringing together the most amazing group of high-profile speakers from around the world, including technical and business users where everyone can learn and celebrate the Power BI community worldwide.

The presentations will range from Power BI-centric topics or a combination of one or multiple Power Platform products; such as PowerApps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

In addition to this, attendees will broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding of Power BI and its integration with Power Platform technologies - PowerApps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate. This is complemented by a diverse set of topics covering not only traditional subjects like Data Models, DAX, Power Query, M Language, Visuals, Dashboards, Tips & Tricks, but also Power BI Governance, Administration, Security, Story Telling, Professional Development (Non-Tech Topics) and much more.

About the session with Zebra BI's CEO & Founder, Andrej Lapajne

In this session, Andrej will explain why is it so important and how to answer four essential questions when designing an actionable report: "Is my performance good or bad, how good/how bad it is, why is it that way, and what shall we do about it to make it better?"

Join this practical session demonstrated with the Zebra BI visuals, which will then focus on ways how you can avoid common Power BI dashboard mistakes with practical examples. This way you'll be able to deliver dashboards that are understandable and actionable.

When and where

Date: Saturday, 20th November
Language: English
Location: Online/Virtual
Event schedule: available here

You can register for the Power BI Fest on their official webpage.


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