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Zebra BI goes to Community Summit Barcelona 2020 - Come and meet us!

By Ziga Milek • Last updated

We are privileged and excited to announce that we'll be present at the Community Summit Europe in Barcelona, between March 9-12.

Joining a vibrant community for 3+ days of total immersion to share real learnings, actionable practices, and valuable lessons, delivered by the experts in the industry!

Community Summit 2020 is the largest Microsoft Business Applications conference in Europe where you experience it all at one place and time.

Zebra BI's CEO Andrej Lapajne will once again hold a very practical session titled "7 Best Practices in Power BI Dashboard Design", loaded with tricks & tips that will help you learn how to avoid the 7 most common Power BI dashboard mistakes and ensure you deliver dashboards that are understandable and above all... actionable! Attending his session will clearly give you the answers on the spot, to 4 essentials questions every dashboard brings up:

  1. “Is my performance good or bad?"
  2. "How good/how bad?"
  3. "Why?"
  4. "What shall we do about it?"

Quite often the dashboards fail to answer these essential questions, due to wrong chart types, confusing page layouts, poor labeling, lack of comparisons/variances, counter-intuitive interaction design, no consistency in using colors, poor information density and similar issues. Would you like to walk away with a handful of great new knowledge and at the same time level-up your dashboard creation skills? Then you really shouldn't miss out on this opportunity!

Another great reason to meet us this time around is our new COO Jaka Stele (ex-Microsoft executive) who will be present at the speaker session and for the full 2 days on the Conference's halls, available for all strategic questions about Zebra BI and its whereabouts.

Andrej Lapajne
Andrej Lapajne, CEO at Zebra BI
Jaka Stele
Jaka Stele, COO at Zebra BI

Are you coming? Make sure we meet! Click on the button below to make sure we don't miss each other:

**On top of that we have a special discount code for your registration at the event! Get 10% OFF by using the code:


Zebra BI Partner Solution Showcase "7 Best Practices in Power BI Dashboard Design" will be held on Wednesday, 11 March, (11.45am-12.45pm).

Very much looking forward to seeing all of you there, getting to know you and saying hello to all of our friends, partners, and clients. 😊

Event location:

Fira Barcelona 
Fira Gran Via (North Access) 
Hall 8 
08038 Barcelona, Spain 

Click here for the agenda and more details about the eventCommunity Summit Europe

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