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Just numbers are no longer enough. Show data within the context and help your managers get the right information immediately. They will love it.
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Introduction to Zebra BI for Excel

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Create advanced charts and tables in 1 click

Charting in Excel doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. Let Zebra BI automatically turn numbers into instant insights with advanced charts & tables. Right in your Excel.

Simply slide between waterfall, variance, column, area, line, dot, lollipop, and ‘hills&valleys’ charts, or even create small multiples from your pivot table! 

Integrate comments for better storytelling

Your managers are busy. Make sure you show them just the information they need to make the right decisions.

Zebra BI for Excel helps you deliver actionable insights with integrated dynamic comments. Make any changes to your data and they will update accordingly to ensure your reports are always up to speed.

Display variances out-of-the-box

Showing numbers within a context is key to understanding business performance. Don't just show your sales numbers, show them compared to your plan or the previous year!

The best part? Zebra BI's utterly flexible and intuitive business charts and tables automatically calculate absolute and relative variances for you!

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Create even the most advanced reports

Zebra BI for Excel makes it easy to create even the most advanced reports with multiple charts within one visual.

Use a complex pivot table and turn it into a small multiples chart with one click. By creating advanced visual analyses, you will produce interactive Excel dashboards and impress everyone around you.

Adapt information density with responsive layout

Zebra BI visuals for ExceI are the world's first fully responsive visualizations. The visuals will automatically adapt the amount of information presented to fit the available space.

Interactive dashboards with cross-visual filtering

Zebra BI offers the world’s first solution in Excel that enables the cross-filtering of visuals by directly clicking on them.

Click on one of the data entries and watch all other Zebra BI visualizations adapt to the chosen entry.

As a result, you get a clean-looking report, easy for your end-users with fully interactive capabilities. 🔥

Apply your company branding

All your reports, dashboards, and presentations can now effortlessly match your company branding.

By uploading your JSON theme once to the style editor, all your reports and slides in Excel and PowerPoint will match the company branding automatically.

'Zero clicks' is the new policy.

Work on your desktop or collaborate online

Having a single source of truth is a prerequisite for faster and easier data consolidation.

Sharing spreadsheets with different people and teams over time creates different local versions which can make them difficult to follow (think "final-FINAL-FINAL" file names).

Create reports in Excel desktop and share them with your team online to ensure more efficient collaboration where everybody is looking at the same version of data.

Create stunning financial statements 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets where key business insights get buried under a large amount of data. With Zebra BI you can create user-friendly income statements, variance analyses, and price-volume-mix variance analyses in Excel! With subtotals, invert functions for costs, reorderable columns, automatic variance charts, and much more.

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What does Zebra BI for Office include?
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Can I try Zebra BI for Office for free?
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Here's what analytics experts think 

I had the privilege to do a test drive, and yes this product deserves multiple ❤ ❤ ❤
Wilco Nagtzaam
Senior FP&A Controller @ KPN
Excel is now an even better BI-Tool 😆 #ShowExcelSomeLove
Mario Mühllechner
Team Lead Business Intelligence | Liebherr Earthmoving
No more time spent on hacking #Excel to make the charts look good. Now with one click & boom! voilà! ⚡⚡ THANK YOU for developing this for the huge community of Excel users!
Carlos Barboza
Guerilla Data Analyst
Truly an amazing job which will change the way controller’s and financial analysts can do their work and focus on the actionable massages and not on the visualization! That part has been taken care of! Nice job & thanks.
Casper Plantinga
Customer Success Director
I freaking love Zebra BI! Y’all have some unreal custom stuff
Dan Holman
Financial Analyst
What a great way to tell your data "I love you" 😍
Ulrik Harnisch

Why Zebra BI

Report consistency
If you use the right charts and the same colors to show when something is bad and when something is good, it significantly shortens the time to understand the numbers. Zebra BI is fully compliant with International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) to make sure reports across your organization stay consistent and follow the same logic for easier understanding. 
Data security
We don't store your data. All we do is use it to render visuals in your Excel. We're GDPR and CCPA compliant. And with 1,500,000+ users around the world and global brands such as Coca Cola, Nestlé, and bp as our customers, you can rely on Zebra BI as your reporting solution. 
Not another tool = 
BI consolidation
Regardless of what BI tools you're using within your organization, Excel is most probably still an important part of the whole stack. After all, millions of people love it for crunching numbers. With Zebra BI you can get all the power of advanced reporting and visualizations in the same place you do your analyses.  

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