A unified view of your business performance

Transform the way of representing your KPIs to understand the context behind values immediately.  

Use powerful functionalities like comparison with trendline, drill-through, dynamic comments, focus mode, scaling options, and more, to save time and make better decisions faster. 

Show multiple KPls in one visual

Instead of overloading your reports with separate visuals for each KPI, Zebra BI Cards enables you to add as many KPIs as you wish into one visual

Save not just tons of time on development but also speed up the rendering and loading time of your reports tremendously. Waiting for the data to load is finally over. 

Display comparisons and trends

Use comparisons with trendlines to really understand how well your company is performing against plans or previous periods. 

For each card, you can add up to three measures for comparisons and use scaled variance icons that provide immediate insights. You can also add a trend category and integrated charts to display the behavior of a KPI during a selected time frame.

Explore details with Drill-through

Get to the very last detail of a specific KPI in one click with the Drill-through option on every card. Dive deeper into more detailed reports on the fly and make your reviews more efficient.

Compare KPIs with Scaled groups

What happens when you want to compare trends for multiple KPIs? Their values and variances might look quite similar, but are they really?

To get the right perspective of the data, use Scaled groups. Simply select KPIs that you want to compare and put them in the same group to properly scale charts on all selected cards

Explain the context with Dynamic comments

There is nothing more annoying than seeing values without any additional contextual information. Why is a KPI performing like this? What influenced such behavior?

With Zebra BI Cards you can easily bring in dynamic comments and put your data into context. Explain the why behind the performance and shorten the time between seeing and understanding the data.

“The Zebra BI Cards visual is probably the best way to show an overview of the most important KPIs. It's easy to use and understand with many powerful features and options. I will add it to all of my reports.”

Pascal Kiefer, CEO & BI Consultant, K Team Solutions

Understand the why of your performance

Resize and reorder cards 

Not all KPIs are equally important. You can easily make any card with a KPI larger or smaller. Since Cards visual is completely responsive, changing the size of the card also changes the amount of information displayed on it. However, even the smallest cards remain actionable!

You can also change the order of cards with a simple drag & drop. Magic. 

Spotlight a KPI with Focus mode

Some KPIs need more attention and require digging deeper into details. With one click you can put any card into Focus mode and display a specific KPI on the full screen, together with additional visualizations, comments, and options to customize card formatting. 

Invert meaning of the KPI

When you have different KPIs on one report page and for some of them the rising trend is good (e.g., the revenue) while for others it is not (e.g., costs), you can invert the meaning for latter KPIs and display the proper value

Format individual numbers

With Zebra BI Cards you can individually set the number format for each card. Change the currency, the unit, or mark something as a percentage. All with just one click inside the Focus mode.

Use Report Page Tooltip

To help report viewers better understand what's happening with each KPI, use report page tooltips. By showing additional dimensions that aren't even part of the visual you will provide even more in-depth information.

Row layout with sparkline charts

Based on your report structure, you can switch with one click between the card and row layout. 

The row layout will still show all the variances with icons and IBCS rules, dynamic comment markers, and sparkline charts (you can even change the chart type).

Cards without charts

If you prefer to keep things simple, you can remove charts from your cards and display only KPI values with scaled icons indicating the size of the variances

Cards with bullet charts

One of the ways of displaying KPIs is also through the bullet charts! You can add various comparisons on a single KPI and the chart will take less space while still displaying all the relevant information. 

Filtering options

Have a full dashboard of KPIs but not all are relevant for different use cases? No worries! Put KPIs in different groups and use filters to display only the ones relevant for a specific case.

Bookmarkable views

Use bookmarks to easily switch between different views. 

Automatic current period detection

You can decide to show the summarized value of the displayed categories (by default) or just the last value available for the specific KPI. Zebra BI Cards will automatically detect which is the last value on each card separately. Simply click on the value and the display will change.

Axis break

Axis break can help present the contribution of data elements to the total result more clearly. You can add the axis break to all cards with KPIs or add it to just the selected KPIs within the Focus mode.

Customize the display of variances

By clicking on the variance elements, you can easily switch between absolute or relative variances. Or you can even have both at the same time. This action can be performed either in the design or view mode.

Flexible design options

Use various possibilities to customize the design of your KPI reports.  For icon shapes, choose between Circle, Triangle, or Circle with an arrow option. No matter the shape, icons are always scaled!

Additionally, you can change the style of cards: make them flat, elevated, or use the default style. As with all Zebra BI visuals, you can also apply your own colors, fonts, and much more.

Hear it from business leaders

They're the experts. The people behind reports influencing the most important decisions in their companies. See what are their challenges and visions, and how  Zebra BI helps them make smarter decisions. 
  • “I think Cards visual is a game changer. More power to the end user, that's what I see.”
    Wilco Nagtzaam
    Senior FP&A Controller,
  • “With KPIs I want to see the information worth looking at. I want to see the numbers, show me the numbers!”
    Mario Mühllechner
    Team Lead Business Intelligence,
  • “It changed the way we look at our own company. Now we do it through data.”
    Marcel Münch
    Data Architect, Analyst & Project Manager, 
  • “There are two important things: to have a page with a complete overview and option to drill down to details where it matters.”
    Sasjah de Jager
    IBCS-Certified Report & Dashboard Design Expert

Zebra BI Visuals are #1 Reviewed Add-In For Financial and Sales Dashboards. 


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