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10 reasons why should you join ACTION 2022

By Urska Mozetic • Last updated

It’s finally here. Thousands of dataviz enthusiasts are already eagerly waiting for the most important BI & Actionable Reporting virtual event of the year. On June 9, this will be the place where reporting meets real-life expertise.

In a 4-hour virtual event, you'll have a unique chance to watch executives from Microsoft, Bayer, AbbVie, Liebherr Earthmoving, KPN, and Enterprise DNA while they create their Power BI reports, share their experience and best practices in Power BI reporting, dashboards, DataViz, modern BI & beyond.

Meanwhile, we'll look at the business side of things, how to successfully adopt Power BI in your company, what challenges have the experts met and how did they solve them.

It's an authentic behind-the-scenes from some of the most successful companies in the world and it's the first time ever that they'll be talking about how they handle reporting and analytics. LIVE.

Let’s see why everyone registered and what could convince YOU to reserve your seat today, if you haven't done it already.

1. You want to get inspired

You’d agree that nothing beats the feeling of being inspired and motivated for weeks ahead. Understanding how you can take your reports to the next level and get to that AHA moment is indeed priceless.

At ACTION 2022, we promise that you’ll experience that at least 18 times. That’s the number of experts presenting at the event.

Feeling the hype already?

2. You'd like to see how are the World’s leading companies doing it

How are the world’s leading companies such as Microsoft, PwC, Liebherr, Bayer, or AbbVie creating their reports? See how they’re facing their challenges, and always be on top of your reporting game.

How do they structure their dashboards? How do they achieve consistency and make it easier for people to understand reports?

3. Because you know knowledge is power

Nowadays, it’s easy to find all sorts of information online. However, when it comes to data visualization, it rarely comes directly from the top experts in the field.

Learn how to turn data into useful actionable reports, how to solve your main reporting challenges, and get into an expert discussion on the future of BI.

Did you know that it's free to join too?

4. To learn from experience

Check out the lineup with sessions coming from people and organizations that have done it themselves.

They'll tackle even the topics that go beyond report building, for example, digital transformation or internal Power BI adoption that will help you build a data culture in your company.

From people that have already done it - so that you can benefit from their learnings and even avoid some of their mistakes.

5. You hate sales talk 🙅‍♂️

Hands-on practical sessions are one of the most useful ways of learning on the spot. At ACTION 2022, you’ll get playbooks and cheat sheets that you can use that very same day.

No sales talk.

6. To get your questions answered NOW

Whether in business or in real life, there’s no time to waste. Interact with experts from companies like Microsoft and learn how THEY would solve the challenges that you’re facing.

At ACTION 2022, you'll have the opportunity to ask them in person.

7. You enjoy short to-the-point sessions ✔️

You might don’t have time to attend an event for 4 full hours, even if it’s as awesome as ACTION 2022.

Luckily, the event is split up into short 20-minute sessions and you can see which one fits your interests or schedule best.

8. To meet fellow data visualization enthusiasts

Networking is just one of many reasons why people attend business events like this.

You know exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals is valuable. Even though exchanging business cards here won't be possible (let's face it, they're kind of a thing of the past), you'll have plenty of opportunities to connect virtually from the comfort of your own home - or office.

9. To have a look into the future 🔮

What does the technology in data viz bring? Why is Actionable Reporting the future and why are you already late if you’re not doing it?

Rachel Guthrie, Customer Success at Microsoft, talked to us about her biggest challenge when she's explaining Actionable Reporting to someone new.

It’s easier to understand the true value of it when you’ve seen poor examples of reporting over several years – people who have lived in the weeds with the same variance commentary month over month and quarter over quarter know how monotonous it can get.

Without that perspective, it’s difficult to fully grasp how impactful and truly actionable reporting can be. That said, there are plenty of poor examples out there, so if you find your eyes glazing over with a million numbers in table format on a slide and you’re asking “what am I looking at?”, you’re getting the idea already!

10. Because you’re dying to know what we’ll reveal during the event about Zebra BI products

Something BIG is coming.

We're not just talking about the amazing new features of our existing Actionable Reporting toolkit (Zebra BI Tables, Charts, and Cards).

During the event you'll also get a sneak peek into the Zebra BI product roadmap and see what's coming in just a few months' time. All we can say for now is that Excel users will be more than pleased!

Who will tell it better than the team behind the industry-leading visuals? 😎

It's your turn now: reserve your seat here

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