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7 Reasons To Say Thank You

By Urska Mozetic • Last updated

At Zebra BI we firmly believe in the power of insights. Looking back at 2020, we did our analysis and discovered 7 mind-blowing facts. It‘s been a wild year, but we couldn’t be more thankful for our Zebra BI community.

Here's the video we made for you. ❤️


You were with us at 11 events 📅

Despite no travel this year, we still had an opportunity to take an active part at 11 virtual events — from online conferences to meetups hosted by user groups and even our first podcast guest appearance.

Thank you for inviting us and joining us!


5,066 of you attended our live webinars 🔥

We work every day to make business reporting better for you. And to help you grow your BI skills. That's why hosting live webinars is always a pleasure but it blew our mind to see that in 2020 alone, there were 5,066 people who joined us!

Your engagement, your questions, thank-you notes and all the follow-up discussions (that sometimes lasted during late night hours) give us deep motivation to keep sharing new ideas. Thank you!

Watch the recording of the latest Guide To Income Statements In Power BI webinar


You watched our video tutorials 143,000 times ⏩

No matter how long or detailed, you’ve been there with us! From super long in-depth tutorials to shorter videos from the very new Knowledge Base for Power BI that launched this year. There's still so much we want to share with you and help you build even better reports.

As we write this, new videos are already being produced. Thank you for driving us forward!


53,000 report designers and 1,2 million users in total!

That’s how many people used Zebra BI visuals to either build reports or read them in 2020. Wow! No matter whether what version you're using, we sincerely hope it makes your work better.

Here's what people like you said


You helped us release 8 product updates with 266 new features and improvements 💡

Your feature requests, testimonials, and even working examples that you continuously share with us have helped us a great deal when developing new features. Thank you for your contributions.

See the latest release here: Zebra BI for Power BI – 4.4 Update


You helped us grow our team by 2.7X

As a result of all this, our team was able to grow by 2.7x this year. This makes it easier for us to organize the best product development, even better customer support, quality assurance, more tutorials, and everything else that comes with it.


You were with us 292 days when we've been working from home (and counting) ⏳

We know that 2020 was tough for many of us. Our team had to adapt as well and to be honest, we're still finding our own way to handle the new reality that 2020 has brought us. During this time, it was (and still are) all the online discussions, email exchanges, comments on social media, and other interaction with you that keeps us going. Thank you for being here and for the opportunity to learn from you every day.

Dear users, valuable partners, colleagues, and friends, your Zebra BI team says thank you! Happy holidays!

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