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Power BI Customer Story: Bayer creates CFO App using Power BI & Zebra BI

By Sabina Kljajic • Last updated

On one of the most anticipated sessions at this year's MBAS (Microsoft Business Application Summit) event, Bayer has presented their exciting journey with Power BI.

Their hands-on demo and showcase have now been published as a detailed case study about their story! We're honored that Zebra BI is a part of it!

You can read the complete case study on Microsoft's webpage. It's based on the said session from Matthias Eisenack, Portfolio Manager at Corporate Controlling - Bayer, Olaf Lischke, VP at Corporate Controlling - Bayer, and Lauren Faber, Program Manager - Microsoft.

Thoughts from Matthias Eisenack, Portfolio Manager at Corporate Controlling

"The Power BI dashboard is a game-changer for us. It enables self-service for our CFO for overseeing the business, and also to present financials in real time to stakeholders, such as the board."

A centralized location to access critical data and insights

Bayer's CFO needed one location to inform his strategic decisions and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. As they say at Bayer - they're determined to do more with less and do better by providing predictive analytics with quick and smart results, so in order create the CFO app, they turned to Power BI.

Their solution was created by finance citizen developers with Microsoft Power BI and Zebra BI custom visuals for well-designed and actionable reports. The CFO and other finance employees now only need to look in a single location to answer all their questions and gain the necessary insights.

The CFO dashboard created with Zebra BI displaying the most important KPIs

Read Bayer's full story

Learn about all the details on how they've done it - click on the button below and get access to the whole story!


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