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The Best Kept Secret for Better Power BI Dashboards - Zebra BI in partnership with Rockfeather

By Urska Mozetic • Last updated

Recently, Zebra BI was a part of an exciting partner event. More specifically, Andrej Lapajne, Zebra BI's CEO and founder had a presentation at Rockfeather's webinar, where he showed the participants some valuable tips and tricks on how to create better dashboards in Power BI.

Why is designing great dashboards so important?

Even with outstanding business intelligence tools such as Power BI, your dashboards can fail. There are many reasons for that: wrong chart types and similar data visualization issues, confusing page layouts, lack of comparisons, poor information density, and more!

When you create dashboards that are understandable and actionable, they can be a much more powerful tool and convey a clearer message to your end-users. Extracting insights and acting upon them is easier by following standards in reporting - IBCS. By helping the management to make better decision they're crucial for running a successful business. 

The Best Kept Secret for Better Power BI Dashboards

After a brief introduction to IBCS from Rockfeather's Business Consultant and Co-Founder Paul Damen, Andrej proceeded with an introduction of Zebra BI visuals and showed how IBCS looks in practice in Power BI. He gave an insight into a number of tips and tricks on how to create better dashboards in Power BI and answered a few questions from the audience.

By the end of the webinar, Rockfeather also gave away 5 signed copies of the book Solid, Outlined, Hatched signed by IBCS co-founder Jürgen Faisst to selected registered participants.

What did at Rockfeather say about the webinar?

"The joined webinar with Zebra BI allowed us to use all the knowledge Zebra BI brings about efficient Power BI dashboarding. The partnership with Zebra BI allows us to provide our customers with a high-class solution so they can start leveraging their Power BI deployments even more, all captured in an easy-to-use plug in."

- Paul Damen, Business Consultant & Co-Founder

Would you like to watch the full webinar?

Follow this link to get the recording.

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