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Known bugs and issues

By Matej Gregorcic • Last updated

For more information about the issues listed below, please contact

All Zebra BI visuals

Issue/Bug:  With PowerBI Service and PowerBI Desktop June 2022 version, local storage does not work as intended and consequently, there is no way to save the Zebra BI license

Status: We are working closely with Microsoft and are aiming toward getting the bug fixed with PowerBI Desktop July 2022 version

Keep or revert to PowerBI Desktop May 2022 version.

Download packages available here:
 - 32 bit
 - 64 bit

We do not have a workaround for PowerBI Service at this point.


Issue/Bug: Zebra BI Cards (v1.1), Tables, and Charts (v5.3)  visuals currently not rendering in

PowerBI App for Windows.

Status: Tables and Charts version 5.4 (expected release start of June) and Cards version 1.3 (release date TBA) will support PowerBI App for Windows.

Workaround: PowerBI App for Windows is the only PowerBI product where Zebra BI will not work. Please use any other PowerBI product (Service, Desktop, Teams app, Mobile,…)


Issue/Bug: PowerBI Service - Custom tooltips using third-party visuals only shows data on the first hoover-over

Status: Bug fixed by Microsoft on May 4th, 2022

Tables v5.3

Issue/Bug: Visual is not displayed when using more than 10 measures in Values placeholder.

Status: Bug fixed in version 5.3.1.

Workaround: have 10 measures in the Values placeholder, place the rest of the measures in the Previous Year (1 measure), Plan (3 measures), and Forecast (3 measures) placeholder, hide the automatically generated variances columns, and reorder the columns if needed.

Charts v5.2

Issue/Bug: Issues displaying future forecast data. An additional 0.0 data label appears on the horizontal axis.

Status: Bug fixed in version 5.3.

Apache/Log4j vulnerability

Zebra BI is not using Apache/Log4j in any of our products, hence Zebra BI visuals are safe.
Regarding other Power BI services, Microsoft has responded with a blog post from their Security Response Center:

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