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What did more than 250 Beta users from around the world say about Zebra BI?

By Andrej Lapajne • Last updated

Today we have closed our Zebra BI Beta testing program. More than 250 people from all over the world participated. You come from USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, India, Brasil, Singapore, Japan, Bulgaria and many other countries, including our homeland: Slovenia.

So what do our beta users think about Zebra BI at this stage?

First, let us take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who have tried Zebra BI and shared your valuable experience with us.

Thank you!

So my Zebra BI is expiring. Now what?

We will send a download link to Release Candidate version of Zebra BI to all beta testers. It will be FREE for 30 days. Just run the setup and your Zebra BI will be upgraded to Release Candidate version.

Did you like your experience with Zebra BI?

Then secure your early bird price now! Pre-order Zebra by filling out this short online form.

If you pre-order Zebra BI, you will get all Release Candidate versions of Zebra BI free of charge until Zebra BI 1.0 is officially launched. Your payment will be due only when the official version is released.

What did beta users say about Zebra BI?

We were overwhelmed by your positive and enthusiastic feedback, thank you! Many of you said that you love the product. We were especially proud to hear that you find it fun to use. This is a really nice thing to say in the world of perceivably boring (financial) reporting!

“I have to congratulate you for your really professional and modern software. When I group two separate charts they automatically get the same scale, that is great. The way how I can move and sort small multiples is also amazing.”

Jens F.

PwC, Germany

“I am very happy to have heard of your addin!!!!”

Elisabeth H.

Amnesty International, Austria

“I am completely impressed about your Zebra BI solution, mainly because of the ease of creating complex graphs (data entry and click).”

Alenka C.


“I love this product!”

Dennis W.

The Netherlands

“It makes fun to play with this tool and I could achieve fast results.”

Timo K.


We have also learned that some of you have had problems preparing the data. Thank you for examples of your data tables that you have sent us! We will try to make Zebra BI even smarter and gradually recognize more and more data structures. This is one of our top priorities.

Your top 5 questions?

  1. Sometimes I get this warning "Wrong input data" and then I have to read the manual. Couldn't Zebra just tell me what to do?
  2. Can I build dynamic charts and reports (dashboards) by using, say, Pivot Tables?
  3. I would like to move charts to another worksheet, is this possible?
  4. I miss the ability to insert "smart" comments (e.g. to link them to chart columns), are you going to implement this?
  5. Why didn't you create Zebra BI a few years before?!?

Click on the questions to see our comments in the Support Center.

Give Zebra BI a free test ride!

Download Zebra BI and try it out for free (30-days free trial):

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For any questions you may have, or further information, we are at your disposal at

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