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Zebra BI Named Best Microsoft Excel Add-In at Global Excel Awards

By Nina Franceskin • Last updated

We are excited to announce that Zebra BI for Office was recently recognized as the Best Microsoft Excel Add-In at the Global Excel Awards. The award was part of an event hosted by the Global Excel Summit team which spotlighted excellence across five different categories.

We're deeply honored by this recognition and express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated community who voted for us. This accolade not only affirms the value of our products but also emphasizes the impact we have in aiding data professionals to generate actionable reports.

Best Excel add-in certificate won by Zebra BI - at Global Excel Awards powered by Global Excel Summit

Our team extends hearty congratulations to fellow awardees Leila Gharani, Randy Austin, Bill Jelen, and Chandeep Chhabra. We eagerly look forward to the Global Excel Summit 2024!

In the meanwhile, we invite you to try the top-rated Microsoft Excel add-in with your own data. Zebra BI is already in your Excel (and PowerPoint!) and ready to elevate your data visualization and reporting. Remember, when it comes to your data, only the best will do!

About Global Excel Summit

The Global Excel Summit is a distinguished event that unites Excel enthusiasts, data analysts and professionals across various industries. The Summit not only provides a platform for learning and networking, but also celebrates innovation and expertise in the Excel community through the Global Excel Awards.

With its diverse program of masterclasses, discussions, and presentations from industry leaders, the Global Excel Summit offers unique opportunities for knowledge sharing and professional growth. It's a must for anyone seeking to elevate their Excel skills and stay updated with the latest advancements in data management.

About Zebra BI

Zebra BI enables data analytic teams to deliver actionable insights in record time, providing business leaders with just the information they need to make smarter decisions. Zebra BI visualization technologies for Excel, PowerPoint and Power BI take data and automatically calculate comparisons to provide context, making advanced reporting concepts available to everyone. Over 3,000 world-leading companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Swarovski, FedEx, and BP trust Zebra BI to power their decisions.

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