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The popular IBCS standard is being introduced to the US audience

By Ziga Milek • Last updated

The highly popular International Business Communication Standards, developed by Dr. Rolf Hichert and his associates at the IBCS Association, are rapidly spreading in companies throughout Europe. Some of the biggest companies in Europe (SAP, Bayer, Lufthansa, Philips, Coca-Cola bottlers) have already realized the importance of standardization in business communication. The Standards are finally ready to break into the US market. We at Zebra BI, one of the most passionate supporters of the IBCS, are going to actively contribute to its introduction to the US audience.

At the end of October our CEO Andrej Lapajne, a founding member at IBCS Association and one of Dr. Hichert's closest associates, is travelling to the US to spread the word about IBCS. Here's how his schedule looks like right now:

  1. 19th Oct, 2015 - Speech at 2015 AFP Annual Conference. Andrej will contribute to the conference with a lecture titled "The true shape of actuals, budgets, variances and KPIs". Together with Ms. Ozlem Babacan from Coca-Cola Icecek he'll explain how one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers has managed to standardize their reports, dashboards and presentations throughout their organisation over 10 countries in Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan by implementing the IBCS standards with the help of Zebra BI. More than 6,500 finance professionals will attend this event in Denver on October 18-21, 2015, making it the biggest event covering finance and treasury in the world.
  2. 22th Oct, 2015 - Speech at Data Visualization NY Meetup, at McKinsey & Co., titled "Dr. Hichert's IBCS: Designing reports, dashboards and presentations". We'll present the key ideas of the IBCS standard to the New York's data visualization community and discuss our slightly controversial proposition: the design of business information should look (more or less) the same across all companies, regardless of their size, industry or location.
  3. 27th Oct, 2015 - Full-day workshop in New York, entitled "Designing world-class reports, dashboards and presentations" is ideal for people who could not make it to the AFP conference or would like to expand their insight into the IBCS standards. This is the first in-depth workshop on IBCS in the US, designed to teach the essential skills to efficiently communicate financial and business information to decision makers.
  4. 29th Oct, 2015 - Free seminar in Washington, DC. This half-day seminar is a "light version" of the above workshop, an overview of the IBCS and its application in the European biggest companies. It provides knowledge required by FP&A professionals, business analysts and planners, CFOs, controllers, BI professionals, consultants, and other financial and reporting professionals.

Join us at any of the above locations, we'd love to meet you!

If you would like to meet with Andrej in person, please shoot us an email at All the above-mentioned events are sponsored by Zebra BI in cooperation with the IBCS Association.

P.S. More lectures and seminars are being organized as we speak. Make sure to check this page again, we'll update it as soon as additional dates are confirmed.

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