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Hope you’re doing great in the midst of working from home, drinking pumpkin spice lattes (does anyone really do that?) and eagerly waiting for the upcoming holidays. Sit tight because we have loads of news we’re about to share with you, from the new knowledge hub for Power BI to webinars and the newest product updates. Where should we start? Let’s dive in…

First things first: Knowledge Base for Power BI

We’ve launched our own knowledge base that’s our most comprehensive guide for Power BI so far. You're now able to learn step-by-step how to prepare your data and build your reports in one single knowledge center. What’s included? Video guides, in-depth articles, and PBIX examples, to enable you to take your reports to the next level. 📚

Our team was fully committed to this project for two reasons: these resources will help thousands of our users to create the best reports possible, and having everything published in one place will make it quicker for you to get all the answers to your questions. Consider it our way of giving back to the amazing Power BI community!

We also wrote about how did it all come together with the whole team working remotely, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, the most important thing is to start browsing through the articles.

Enter the Knowledge Base & Start learning

New and improved Zebra BI visuals for Power BI 💥

The latest product update for Zebra BI for Power BI version 4.4 is out. We’ve been listening to your feedback which means the update also includes some of the requested features from Zebra BI users. The latest major changes include custom fonts and multi-level hierarchical charts, as well as smaller updates such as the ability to freeze row headers in tables, the 1-click experience of Top N, and new design options for a sleeker look of your reports.

Check out what's new in the latest version and let us know if you have any requests for future features by writing at [email protected]!

See what's new in version 4.4

Zebra BI visuals version 4.3 featured in the Microsoft Power BI October 2020 Update!

As Jeroen Ter Heerdt, Power BI's Program Manager says in their October update, it's almost all about visuals this month - with loads of new visuals and updates to existing visuals.
And it looks like our Zebra BI custom visuals October update made the cut!

Read more about what exactly did they say about the Zebra BI visuals here: Power BI October 2020 Feature Summary >

Last but not least…On top of Editor’s Choice in the AppSource Marketplace 💛

… And on top of YOUR choice too!

See a few highlights from social media where you're as always strongly encouraged to share your thoughts and comments! We're happy to reply and engage in a discussion. 💬

Webinars back at full speed 📺

We’ve been deeply immersed in delivering Zebra BI webinars, and we’d like to thank you for taking part.

And we promise you that it will only get better: on 3 December, our Founder and CEO Andrej Lapajne will host the last and - the best! - webinar of 2020.

This webinar will provide many answers about a much-requested topic that you'll especially appreciate by the year's end. It's about one of the key reports that provide an ultimate view of your company’s performance. Stay tuned - you’ll receive an invitation via email early next week. 😎

September 22: "Price-Volume-Mix Variance analysis in Power BI & Excel"

Explaining the sales or cost variances vs budget or previous year in a meaningful way is not always easy.

The Price-Volume-Mix variance analysis is an extremely helpful method for explaining variances that will add a lot of value to your dashboards and reports. And there are efficient ways how to implement it in both Power BI and Excel...

Watch the recording and download files >

October 20: "Dynamic Commentary in Power BI"

We believe all of us have dealt with comments in Power BI in one way or another - however, setting up dynamic commentary that will react to filters or even allowing users to write comments directly in Power BI, is a huge challenge. In this webinar, we’ll dive into both basic & advanced ways of commenting in Power BI.

Watch the webinar and download your PBIX example >

November 12-13: "8th International Controlling Conference in Croatia (ICCC)"

One of the largest controlling events in the region will be held online on Thursday and Friday, November 12-13, 2020. Our founder Andrej Lapajne has been invited to join the group of leading experts from Europe who are going to tackle topics that cover controlling and the current changes in the world of management.

Read more about ICCC >

October 28: Power BI Twin Cities Meetup

Our Founder & CEO Andrej Lapajne took part in the Power BI Meetup virtual event, hosted by our partner Fulton Analytics, as a guest speaker. What was it all about?

They discussed worst dashboard mistakes - are you curious if you're guilty of doing any of them? Luckily we hosted a webinar about it a while ago, too. Check it out and see what could you improve in your report building!

Play 7 Worst Dashboard Mistakes and How to Avoid Them >

The best is yet to come

We're not finished with product development either. The biggest update of Zebra BI visuals for Power BI is coming out soon - version 4.5 will bring two major new features! But until the release, we'll keep you guessing ...

Make sure to work on improving your reports and dashboards and we hope you'll enjoy doing it with some of our resources. Have a great rest of the week and see you soon!


The Zebra BI team