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AdMaioraSemper is an Italian management consulting firm specialized in supporting firms to develop and enhance their management accounting systems.

We’re focused on delivering our customers the latest planning and control methodologies that enable a better knowledge of their cost structure.

Furthermore, we make our expertise available to our customers to fill the gap between their finance and IT dept.

We are convinced supporters of the adoption of IBCS® Standards and we’re constantly applying the SUCCESS Formula to our client's projects.

We consider Zebra BI the perfect solution for SME’s to reach the IBCS® Standards.

How can we help you with Zebra BI?

  • Help implement IBCS in organization
  • Design best practice business reports, dashboards and presentations
  • Automate Zebra BI reports or dashboards
  • Provide 1st level support services for Zebra BI
  • Offer official Zebra BI training


Francesco Aldo De Luca

AdMaioraSemper S.r.l.
Via Luigi Mengoni, 9
20152 Milano

Certified consultants

Francesco Aldo De Luca

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