Zebra BI Partner

Bechtle Suisse SA

At Bechtle Suisse, we accompany you in planning, building, and running your data & analytics solution, in the Cloud or on on-premises infrastructure:
• Defining your data & analytics strategy and governance
• Planning and analysing your business intelligence and advanced analytics project
• Implementing your data & analytics projects on cutting-edge technologies
• Supporting your solution throughout its life cycle
• Providing training on Data & Analytics tools & technologies

We master all phases of the data lifecycle:
• Integrate all relevant data sources.
• Store data efficiently and effectively and make it accessible to all stakeholders
• Process and analyse data - from reports to predictive analytics and recommendation, leveraging machine learning and other artificial intelligence approaches.
• Visualise data on compelling reports and dashboards, to provide key insights at a glance.

How can we help you with Zebra BI?

  • Design best practice business reports, dashboards and presentations
  • Automate Zebra BI reports or dashboards
  • Provide 1st level support services for Zebra BI
  • Offer official Zebra BI training
We will help users using: Zebra BI visuals for Power BI


Elisabeth Vinek, Data & Analytics Business Unit Manager

Bechtle Suisse SA
Avenue de la Gottaz 28A

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