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We are ORAYLIS. And we are Data Pioneers. Getting companies excited about their data is our strategy. Supporting them on their path to becoming a Data Driven Company is our mission.

As data experts, we turn companies' desire for innovation into digital reality. Our vision is to use data to shape a future in which we all want to live and work. With the right data strategy and technical precision, we develop forward-looking solutions to guide companies safely through the digital transformation. We see an agile approach and partnership-based cooperation at eye level as the basis for a successful implementation. In this way, we help companies to grow in a healthy way and continue to create new value - for their business, their customers and their employees.

How can we help you with Zebra BI?

  • Data visualization
  • Support services
  • Trainings
  • Data modelling
  • Data warehouse
  • Data platforms (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Data power platforms
  • Predictive analytics/Machine learning
  • Strategy consulting
We will help users using: Zebra BI for Excel, Zebra BI visuals for Power BI


Arno Cebulla, Senior Consultant - Data Analytics

Klaus-Bungert-Straße 4

Certified consultants

Arno Cebulla

Senior Consultant - Data Analytics

Daniel Esser

Senior Solution Architect

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